Bibi Antoinette: Guillotine in Tel Aviv

Roy Tov – August 14, 2011

For a long time I am claiming the fractured inner structure of the Israeli society would be its end. Israelis and Jews often accused me of exaggerating due to my circumstances as a refugee and political prisoner; yet, in recent months we are witnessing the beginning of what looks as a social revolt.

By the end of June 2011, social protests began in Israel following a sharp rise in the price of cottage cheese, a key ingredient in local cuisine. It was the first time such an event happened. No matter how trivial it looked, once the mental barrier of Israelis forbidding protests against the government was broken, nothing could stop the following events. Shortly after, a wave of mass protests – still going on in mid August – began, this time on construction issues. In Israel tiny apartments cost lifelong mortgages that transform their takers into state-slaves . The protests were spurred following a Knesset vote approving the National Housing Committees Law, which places the authority for approving building projects in the hands of regional committees. The committees would be in the hands of the state and the large construction companies. This means no houses for the poor. Roughly 80% of the people earn less than the average salary (this is possible due to the large difference between the highest and lowest salaries) and an average salary is not enough for paying an average mortgage while eating on a daily base. In such a way, disguised slavery was introduced into the state through a back door. I reviewed the amazing protests in Monsters in Tel Aviv.

The ongoing protests reached an unusual peak on August 10, when a guillotine – symbol of the French Revolution – was placed on Rothschild Boulevard. The last is near the Rabin Square, where the protests are centered, and has become the center of a tent city housing thousands of protesters. Considering its substantial size, it is hard to believe Prime Minister Netanyahu would fail to notice the protesters message.

How would the Israeli Administration react to the guillotine? Is Netanyahu shaving his neck more carefully these days? There is no doubt HaAgaf HaYehudi (The Jewish Department of the Shin Beth) is working as pestilent cockroaches among the protesters. They are watching out for emerging leaders, surrounding them, illegally collecting and falsifying evidence on them, giving sabotaging advice, and in general doing everything the people never allowed their government to do. As of now, the police and the army would be kept as a last resource. Netanyahu would try to disguise the attempt to dismantle the protests as a natural event since it is vital for Israel to keep its most valuable secret hidden from its citizens. They should not know they live in a police state. The Coca-Coma show must go on.

If the suffocation of the leaders won’t succeed, physical disturbances would appear. The water supply – an essential resource in the very hot and humid Augusts of Tel Aviv – would be restricted under a plethora of legitimate excuses. Cell phone networks would begin failing to provide proper coverage of the area. Innocent road works would pop out of the blue on streets providing access to the protests area. Electricity supply would be cut from time to time. Institutional disruption of life would be the rule; again, this would be against all powers given to governments by the people. Netanyahu want to keep shaving himself for a while more.

Who would prevail? Would Netanyahu be a head shorter than now, or would the protesters be dispersed? Neither the army nor the police would be able to brutally disperse half a million protesters, who actually form a large percentage of the local population. Most of the men there have military background; many have served in the IDF, actively suppressing civilian populations in the West Bank and Gaza. Moreover, the IDF wouldn’t be able to recruit its reserves. The reservists are among the protesters. If the events would be pushed to the point where the security services would be openly poured into the protests area, a militia would emerge in no time.

The Israeli Administration best bet is the political unpreparedness of the Israeli public. Most of them think they live in a democracy, being unaware of the meaning of their lacking a constitution or of the extent of the discriminatory legislation of their country. They are unaware the foundation of their state was illegitimate. Netanyahu is playing on time right now. A few days from now the General Assembly of the UN would meet in New York. On September 20 is scheduled a debate on Palestinian independence. It probably would get a massive support of over 140 counties. A few Pacific and Caribbean islands have promised not to support it in exchange for military and intelligence help from Israel, but that’s all. Hours after that is approved, Palestinians would declare independence from the Zionists.

Kissinger said once that everything in Israel is internal politics. Also the Palestinian declaration of independence would become an inner politics affair. Netanyahu would probably size the opportunity to nullify the Oslo Accords and declare war on Palestine. Minutes later the Minister of Defense would openly recruit the reserves of the IDF (usually that would be done in a quite mode ). The protesters would be in a dilemma. The six-million dollar question is: would they abandon the protests and go to the army of the country that enslaved them?


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