Voice of the White House May 15, 2005

“We take for granted what we see every day. We see the Washington monument every day on the way to work but what happens if suddenly it is gone? What I have been sending you about the sexual misdemeanors in the White House, I had no idea the fury it would unleash. This story, which you reported, virtually untouched, has spread all over the world.

The Fag Palace people keep an eye on foreign websites and news areas and believe me, this story has real legs. Interestingly enough, one of his closest aides told me that Bush has no knowledge of this! Not of his business with Gannon but knowing about how is has spread around. I have had accredited reporters corner me, at least three yesterday, and ask me in strict confidence if the stories were true. It would be worth my life, quite literally I am afraid, to confirm anything.

I get the distinct impression that the mainline media is working on this issue but keeping it under wraps until someone else makes a move to out it, and others as well. I have met and spoken with the President a number of times. I am only a middle-level cog in a huge machine but I have my observations and they are that Bush is a very petty, vindictive and vicious man. He suffers from gross and widespread inadequacies, both sexual and personal. He was badly treated as a child, rejected at home and mocked by many of his peers. Over the years, George Bush has developed into a spiteful, vengeful and mean-spirited man of limited intellect with an intense desire to humiliate others and force people to recognize him as an important person. He was jobbed into the White House by a clique of wealthy right wingers with the aid of his equally disastrous brother Jeb and compliant members of the Supreme Court.

This desire on his part to have the thoroughly obnoxious and dangerous Bolton put in as Ambassador to the UN is typical Bush revenge. The UN rejected his frantic desire to display his balls to the world as a great wartime leader (which he certainly is not) and now he is forcing a vulgar, crude and useless person off on them to teach them a lesson.

The poor CIA has been accused, by Bush and his cronies and friends in the media, of not supplying senior officials with proper warning about the pending attacks on 9/11. I know for a fact that this is complete bullshit. The CIA is not perfect but they sent up enough valid information to more than vindicate themselves but since it did not fit with Bush’s plans for an immediate war, it was not only ignored but those who dared to forward it were either humiliated or fired.

More than one of my associates firmly believe that George and friends knew to the day when the attack would happen and made it a point to get the hell out of town or into a deep Cheney-bunker and let it go ahead. This was clearly the case at Pearl Harbor when Roosevelt let the attack go ahead because it suited his plans and it happened again on 9/11. In the first instance, the death toll was around three thousand and in the second, nearly an identical number died for Higher Policy in New York.

I, and many, many others, firmly believe that not only is George W. Bush directly responsible for all the 9/11 deaths but the huge casualty lists of military and civilians in Iraq as well. Take this and couple it with the Gannon affair (and Gannon was not the first one either) and we have someone who is completely unfit to be President of the United States and ought, by all rights, to be charged with high crimes and misdemeanors., and removed from high office as soon as possible.“

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