Respected Scholarly Journal Exposes 911

The day has come! A respected scholarly journal has finally decided to blow open the 9/11 Scandal. In the current issue of The Journal of Psychohistory you’ll discover facts like these that show who caused 9/11:

1. How Cheney set up his own Command Center the day before 9/11and was controlling hijacking drills that morning.
2. How these hijacking drills that drew Air Force jets away were called ‘just a coincidence’ by Bush.
3. How the Air Force was told to ‘stand down’ and not to intercept the terrorist planes though they had scrambled automaticlaly the previous 67 times.
4. How seismographs show it was a massive explosion in the basement of the WTC that brought the buildings down.
5. How cameras show the WTC towers were actually detonated,blowing outward, not just collapsing.
6. How photos show only a 13-foot hole in the Pentagon through which the 124-foot wide plane supposedly crashed.
7. How several Pentagon employees said they ‘saw No Evidence of any debris of a plane’ after the crash.
8. How the FBI collected all the surveillance photographs within minutes after the crash and won’t release them.
9. How some 9/11 families are suing Bush for $7 billion citing testimony from those who helped cause the crashes.
10. How Rumsfeld said the terrorist crashes were ‘a blessing in disguise.’

My friends, those of us in the 9/11 Truth Movement already know these things.

But that the Journal of Psychohistory would see fit to publish these facts is astounding and unprecedented.

Please, please get moving on this. Let the Journal Staff know that you are paying attention! Tell your friends! Gift them with subscriptions! (You’ll get the special issue on 9/11 free with a 1 year subscription at $29/year – half the regular rate. )

We are working to get separate copies of the 9/11 issue to make them generally available. Call the Journal to register your vote of confidence!

Write the editor, Lloyd deMause to commend him on his courage!

Please, Please Do Not Let This Slide.

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