Anarchy in the UK!!

News Brief – August 10, 2011

On the eve of a fourth night of urban violence governments around the world began warning their citizens of the possible dangers of travelling to Britain.

The United States, Latvia, Sweden, Denmark and Finland all warned their citizens of potential hazards of travelling to riot torn UK.

Others are expected to follow.

Latvia became the first country to warn its citizens; urging travellers to ensure they had up to date health and life insurance policies.

While Finland warned travellers that moving around trouble spots in the UK could be ‘extremely difficult’.

Meanwhile Germany warned its citizens to exercise ‘special caution’ if travelling to Britain.

Advising travellers ‘pull back’ quickly if confronted with any disturbance, the German Foreign Ministry warned travellers in much the same way it would those travelling to third world trouble spots.

The US Embassy in London even issued a special alert to American travellers to Britain.

While newspapers across the globe featured front-page stories on the London riots. Portuguese, Belgium, Dutch and Argentinean papers all featured the story prominently.

Having now degenerated into an excuse for looting however, the riots have also dealt a potentially heavy blow to the prospects for tourism to the UK during next year’s Olympics.    

According to one commentator on Radio Bavaria:

‘It will be hard to sell London as a civilised upholder of Olympic values and spirit while the buildings burn brighter than the Olympic torch and the stone-throwers beat out the discus and javelin competitors with ease.’

In an ironic twist however, Iran took the opportunity to urge the British government to listen to the protesters demands.

Not that they really had any beyond looting and arson, but after London’s repeated condemnation of Tehran’s handling of protests – often instigated with the covert assistance of British, American and Israeli intelligence – Iran had a chance to get its own back.

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