Man Police Killed Did Not Fire Gun

News Brief – August 9, 2011

Britain’s police watchdog said Tuesday it found no evidence that Mark Duggan, whose death at the hands of police last week sparked riots in London, had shot at police.

“At this stage there is no evidence that the handgun found at the scene was fired during the incident,” said the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) in an update on last Thursday’s fatal shooting in Tottenham.

Police claim the 29-year-old was a key member of a crack-dealing gang.

Duggan’s death follows a string controversial cases where innocent people have died at the hands of British Police.

Ian Tomlinson died during protests in the City of London’s financial district in April 2009. Although newspaper vendor Tomlinson was not participating in the protests he was struck by a police officer before he collapsed and subsequntly died.

Video later surfaced showing a clearly unprovoked assault on Tomlinson.

Tomlinson’s death followed the shooting by police of Jean Charles De Menzes in Stockwell tube station in 2005.

Initially police claimed that De Menzes was a terror suspect. Although De Menzes was unarmed there is some dispute over whether the officer who shot him identified himself or even challenged the Brazilian before shooting him, in the head seven times.

Many questions still remain unanswered over De Menzes death, all the more so as Cressida Dick, the officer in charge of the operation has just been promoted to police commissioner in charge of terror!

Adding to suspicions about Cressida Dick is the fact that she has also been revealed to be a member of the shadowy organisation “Common Purpose”.

More recently former Reggae star Smiley Culture – real name David Emmanual –  died as police arrested him at his home in east Surrey. What is suspicious about Emmanual’s death are police claims that he died after he stabbed himself, in the heart.

The ongoing riots that followed Duggan’s death have quickly lost any political impetus and spiralled instead into wanton looting. Unfortunately, this has eclipsed the shooting just as more evidence of questionable policing has emerged.

Increasingly, there seems to be little difference between those who impose the law and those who break it.

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