The Cat in the Kitchen and the Mouse behind the Icebox

Visible Origami – August 9, 2011

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet.’

It is upon us. It is on the doorstep and the indications are not good because we are left with the continuing policies of those who led us to the brink, as they ruthlessly and indifferently repeat the definition of insanity, which is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

The personal problem that I see for everyone personally is that the focus is on external events, instead of internal transformation. Both of these are guides for behavior, which involve doing and not doing. If our responses to things are the same as they have always been then we are also insane. It’s past time to step back and simply observe the lesson that is being demonstrated and that is the outworking of evil destroying itself. Evil has various engines of performance; ignorance, greed and the other dark passions that attend it. Aggressive self interest has the perception that it is maximizing its survival. The fact is that it is only increasing its vulnerability. Self interest runs up and down the ladder of relative position. It’s no less damaging in a hovel than it is in a mansion.

I’ve read the statistic that of all of the junk purchased in malls and elsewhere, 85% of it winds up in a landfill two weeks later. How precise that is, I do not know, but any near proximity of percentage, indicates the folly of acquisition, based on temporary magnetism to those material replacements for something deeper, which cannot be satisfied by the possession of junk. This is how it is in a junk culture, where the church of the moment consists of the worship of the temporary.

We are where we are, surrounded by what surrounds us and that is an expression of what we thought we wanted. Some of us have a whole lot of it and some of us very little. Some of us were in an easier position to gain these things and some of us were not so well positioned. That also is an expression of what we wanted being the result of how long and intensively we have wanted it, which has something to do with our position relative to gaining it.

Many think that the chaos and uncertainty taking place will confine itself to other places, if it happens not to be happening nearby at the moment. Many in protected states believe that that protection will hold because the system is geared toward the security of those who have more. Here is where the apocalyptic trend of the times comes in to play. We are not just subject to external circumstance. We are subject to the integrity of our internal being, as it matches up with the will of the cosmos. That’s where the judgment of the personal takes place, as it meets the push of the cosmos, in its inflexible movement toward transformation of the stage of contemporary being. Change is the universal constant and change is always determined by the intent of the universe, in relation to whatever demonstration it has in mind for us.

I’ve used a particular image on occasion that I find very relevant to these times. A mouse sits behind the refrigerator. The mouse knows that the cat is waiting, somewhere beyond in the kitchen. The cat knows the mouse is there too. The mouse is presently safe but the fear factor is intense. Will the mouse profit from its awareness of its security, or will the fear drive the mouse from its place of security, in search of another security, when it is already secure? There is a pertinent message here. If the mouse is not presently secure then that is a whole other thing.

There is never a time when some kind of system is not in place, even if the system seems to be some form of anarchy, there is always a method in the madness. Systems come and go. Our present system is going because the time has come to replace it. That’s not negotiable. Here we can take a cue from the wise man, Lao Tzu. He refers to the green flexible stalk and the no longer green and inflexible stalk. The green, flexible stalk can bend in the winds of change. The other cannot.

In times of stable and temporarily enduring systems, money, position and power can be serious protections. In times of instability they are liabilities. This is why it always comes down to the inner as opposed to the outer. The potential for sustained stability is far greater, with a dependence upon the internal because, even in times of a stable system, one is still susceptible to the same dangers because the potential for loss, injury and fatality is always there. Also, one’s own body is subject to all manner of things and wealth, position and power of are no account here, unless you think getting bad news from a more expensive doctor is a plus.

When you are not in harmony with the archetypes and that greater force upon which they rest and resonate, your own body will react against you, in the pursuit of this harmony. All disease and the like is an expression of this reaching for harmony in respect of restoring balance.

These are not ordinary times, in the best and worst of senses. This gets repeated at these sites often because it is of signal importance. Focusing on the outer and acting and planning against the possibilities of what may come to pass, is much less effective than a concentration upon the inner being, which is directly connected to the force bringing all external conditions about. This lesson is going to be demonstrated and taught to everyone who still believes that they can personally manipulate the external to their advantage. This is precisely what is becoming increasingly less possible by the moment for that very reason. One might say, “Live and learn”. Hard lessons are hard because of personal resistance to the presence of what is contained in the lesson. If one releases this presumption of knowing what is what, one may prosper and it is certain that the presumption does not contain the answer, or the situation would not be what it is. Somehow the logic of all of this escapes the general mind and that is because we want to hold on to what we have and we want to continue having, until we are just like the people responsible for the mess, which makes all of us responsible to some degree.

There’s no way of knowing how all of these wakeup calls are going to affect those under the spell of the dream being translated out of its former comfort zone. Many are deeply entrenched in this dream and get all of their meaning and modalities of action from the mouthpieces of those employed by the force that has brought us to this pass. It is crazy to be reliant for your instructions for living from those whose sole motivation is to profit from your confusions, appetites and states of distress. No reasonable mind would countenance such a thing but we are quite short on reasonable minds in these unreasonable times.

Something is coming in the external and something is coming from the internal and you can’t follow both of them, if they are in conflict with each other and, speaking only from my own perspective, they most definitely are. For myself, I seek to fall back upon the timeless verities, which happen to be timeless verities because they are enduring and the rest of it is not.

We are all subject to the playing out of what we believe in and the degree to which we actually understand the essence of what we believe in. In many cases we are reliant on mere words devoid of meaning. Words have power when the mind behind them apprehends their actual connection to what is true. They have no meaning when they are vain displays of compromised dogma and cant, presided over by greed-heads, power junkies and pedophiles dressed up like Halloween drag queens.

The truth declared to reside in all of these failing institutions departed a long time ago. There’s only one place where the living reality of truth and its various expressions can be found and you don’t have to travel across the street, across the waters or come out from behind the refrigerator to find it.

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