Violence Continues On London Streets

News Brief – August 8, 2011

Ugly scenes of violence and looting erupted for a third straight night on London’s streets, threatening to spoil the city’s image in the run-up to next year’s Olympics.

 Whatever the cause however, some things are evident.

In contrast to the Arab Spring London’s current unrest appears to have little political motivation. Although some have spoken of tensions between disaffected youths from largely immigrant communities and the police, and while the confrontation may have began with political overtones, it quickly spiralled into arson and looting.

The trouble followed a peaceful protest over the police shooting of Mark Duggan last Thursday. However, as the march came to an end a confrontation between police and some marchers quickly escalated into a full blown riot, which ultimately led to widespread arson and looting.

Duggan’s death follows a spate of other killings by Metropolitan Police: including the death of Ian Tomlinson during protests in the financial centre of the City of London and the shooting of Jean Charles De Menzes, who police claimed they initially mistook for a “terror suspect”.

Although he was unarmed and there is some dispute over whether police actually challenged De Menzes or even identified themselves before opening fire, they shot him in the head, seven times.

With such recent history it’s little wonder that anger erupted over the latest shooting, particularly after it emerged that the bullet police claimed Duggan fired at them was in fact police issue ammunition.    

Nonetheless, the violence and unrest soon lost any political motive and quickly became an excuse for looting.

Looters helped themselves to trolley loads of consumer goods in the areas torn by rioting, while police did little to stop them.

Moreover, areas of London affected by riots are all home to large populations of Afro-Caribbean immigrants, adding a racial element to an already volatile mix.

Strange as it may seem though, this may well have all been planned long ago. Not these specific riots, of course, but the circumstances that led up to them.

For Britain has seen waves of immigrants in recent decades, many of who seem to have had virtually unrestricted access to an already overcrowded island.

Indeed, that may have been the intention. By creating a situation where different groups who may have lived peaceably enough in prosperous times, are now at odds as recession bites and jobs disappear.

In short: sowing the seeds of conflict with classic divide and rule.

It’s also no coincidence that similar scenes have played out across the globe: France and the U.S. having seen similar distarbances in recent years.

It’s a double-edged sword too. For when conflict erupts, the authorities can clamp down hard, very hard, in the name of public order and other such fine sounding terms.

What’s more the unrest and civil conflict provide justification for the imposition of ever more draconian measures to contain them. And with each new death an unwitting public becomes conditioned into accepting an increasingly brutal regime.

Such authoritarian brutality may eventually even be welcomed as a necessity in the face of mounting public disorder.

In essence: classic order out of chaos.

Nor is it any coincidence that so many of Britain’s senior policemen are thought to be Freemasons. This is more than just a rumour, many senior police officers are reported to be active masons. So who better to bring this plan for “order out of chaos” to fulfilment than the very men supposedly fighting to contain this disorder?

Just as the very agencies purportedly fighting the “War on Terror” are thought to have been behind 9/11 and 7/7.

The same principle is at work here: to bring a New World Order out of chaos that has been intentionally created with the collusion of those who are supposed to contain it.

Of course these agencies didn’t organise the riots we’ve see in London. They don’t need to. They just exploit them for their own benefit.

The only thing they really require is the compliance of an unquestioning, unwitting public. Exactly the sort who can be silenced with accusations of “racism” if they ask too many questions about why so many immigrants are being allowed into the West? 

The same sort who believes that politicians have their best interests at heart, or that the police are there to protect them.

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