Did bullet fired at officer belong to police?

 Rebbecca Camber – Daily Mail August 8, 2011

The bullet which lodged in a police officer’s radio in the gunfight which led to Mark Duggan being shot dead was police issue ammunition, it was reported last night.

The revelation will fuel the fury in Tottenham about the killing of the father of four by armed officers.

The bullet which was found lodged in the radio of one of the officers at the scene is still undergoing forensic tests. It was initially suggested by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) that Met officers returned fire after someone in the minicab opened fire.

But sources have said the first ballistics examinations suggested it was police issue.

These are very distinct as the Metropolitan Police uses hollowed-out bullets designed not to pass through an object.

The news has undermined suggestions that there was an exchange of fire between Mr Duggan and the police before he died.

Yesterday the IPCC was forced to deny reports that Mr Duggan was ‘assassinated’ as rumours spread like wildfire on the internet that he was unarmed, having put his gun down on the ground when he was shot.

Mr Duggan’s brother’s Shaun Hall said he would never have shot at police, saying it was ‘utter rubbish’.

‘My brother’s not that sort of person,’ he said. ‘He’s not stupid to shoot at the police, that’s ridiculous.’

Mr Hall said he did not condone the rioting. ‘I know people are frustrated, they’re angry out there at the moment, but I would say please try and hold it down. Please don’t make this about my brother’s life, he was a good man.

‘We’re all devastated about the mishap, we don’t actually know what has actually happened.

‘Nobody’s actually come forward and told us, “This is what has taken place”. Whether we believe what they’re saying or whether we don’t, there should be somebody here putting my parents’ minds at rest about whatever’s going on.’

His grieving mother Pamela  was still wearing her dressing gown at midday when she came to the door of her semi in Tottenham and said: ‘I can’t sleep, I can’t think. We are all in too much of a state to say anything.’

Mr Duggan’s fiancee Semone Wilson said: ‘The rioting wasn’t planned. It’s a reaction of angry people that just wanted justice for Mark.

‘It’s sad what happened but all we wanted were answers and we didn’t get any.

‘Because we didn’t get any answers, this is the result.

‘There is no way the family wanted this trouble, innocent people being hurt. It is silly and it just got so out of control.’

Yesterday Twitter was flooded with posts speculating about a police ‘execution’, while others said Mr Duggan was targeted because he was known to be a crack dealer and linked to the area’s many gangs, including the ‘N17 Farm’ based around the Broadwater Farm estate.

One tweet compared his death to that of Jean Charles de Menezes and the singer Smiley Culture, who is said to have stabbed himself to death when officers arrived to question him over drugs offences.

It read: ‘The police said Mark Duggan had a gun. Smiley Culture had a knife. Jean Charles de Menezes had a bomb. Ian Tomlinson died of natural causes.’

But IPCC Commissioner Rachel Cerfontyne denied the reports of an execution.

She said: ‘The investigation into the circumstances of Mark Duggan’s death must remain my priority.

‘It is important however that I address some of the misinformation circling around – much of which is unhelpful, and some of which is inflammatory.  Speculation that Mark Duggan was “assassinated” in an execution style involving a number of shots to the head are categorically untrue.

‘Following the formal identification of the body Mr Duggan’s family know that this is not the case and I would ask anyone reporting this to be aware of its inaccuracy and its inflammatory nature.

‘The IPCC is investigating not only the actions of the officer firing the shots but also the planning, decision making and implementation of the police operation.

‘Our lines of inquiry include the bullets fired and any firearms used and recovered.’

She added: ‘I know there are concerns that we have not provided enough support to the family in the first days – and I am very sorry if anyone should feel that.’


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