An Odd Event

Israel Shamir – via shamireaders August 7, 2011

I had an eerie experience yesterday: as I’ve got off a train in Stockholm and walked a few hundred meters to the bus stop, I have felt a strange sensation as if a child was shooting a toy air gun or a toy water gun into the small of my back. I turned back with an indulgent good-tempered smile ready to see a kid having fun. But there was a darkish slim Moroccan Jewish looking young man in his twenties, with a small blue backpack like the one preferred by the Shabak plain-clothes men as they walk the Old City of Jerusalem. The young man immediately turned away and made an impression he is looking for an entrance in the building. I shrugged and continued another ten meters to the bus stop. On the bus stop, another dark-skinned man made me a sign to look at my back. I took off my thick outer shirt and saw that its back was covered with something looking like glue or whitish liquid soap spray.

The young man came into the bus stop, and I asked him why did he do it; he vehemently denied it and run away looking scared; the second dark man also left without waiting for the bus.

I really do not know what it was: a threat? Warning? Execution in the daylight by some deadly stuff from Ness Ziona biowarfare? Or just a strange prank?

Nobody even knew that I am due in Stockholm… Anyway i took the first flight to Moscow.

Explanation of an Odd Event

I received a very plausible explanation of the odd event from my friend, an old journalist with great experience. He wrote:


What you experienced was the first step in a well-known confidence trick mostly practised in Spain. One trickster sprays your back. An accomplice draws your attention to the mess and offers to hold your coat/shirt while you take it off and clean it. He then steals your wallet or contents of your pockets. In your case they aborted their robbery for some reason or other.


And another Spaniard also recognised the trick:

Israel, probably it’s an old trick to stole your inner pockets. The first guy spoil your back? Then when your take off your jacket the “good” guy have some time for the inspection of your pockets.

I must say I am greatly relieved by this explanation! So I was a victim of multiculturalism, when a Spanish scam made its way to the Northern capital.

Thank you all for expressing concern and offering other explanations.

Israel Shamir is a critically acclaimed and respected Russian Israeli writer. He has written extensively and translated Joyce and Homer into Russian. He lives in Jaffa, is a Christian, and an outspoken critic of Israel and Zionism.

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