Potential Threat of a U.S. East Coast Tsunami

Ned Dougherty – End Times Daily August 1, 2011

Just when you Thought it Was Safe to go Back in the Water

Pardon me for trying to strike a chord of levity at such a serious time in the history of humanity, but I am so overwhelmed with the speeding up of End Times events that I need to search for a sense of balance in this human journey, knowing that truly there is no certainty in this life’s journey; a certainty that can only be found upon our return to God, who is our home!

As if we don’t have enough to be concerned about with all of the geopolitical and geophysical meltdowns occurring globally, now it would be prudent to take a further look at the potential for a major U.S. East Coast tsunami.

 Recent earthquake activity in the Canary Islands, particularly on the island of  El Hierro prompts me to once again address this issue. I initially wrote about the potential for a U.S. East Coast tsunami in my book, Fast Lane to Heaven, published in March 2001. During my first near-death experience on July 2, 1984, I was shown visions of just such an event, which I might add, may or may not happen.

My visions led me to investigate the potential of such an event emanating from the Canary Islands in the eastern Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of North Africa. In November 2004, I traveled to the Canary Islands to personally investigate particularly the Island of La Palma and reported the event in a press release, dated January 1, 2005.

On May 13, 2006, I issued another press release dealing with the Canary Island tsunami threat.  The following is the word-for-word press release, dated May 13, 2006. Upon reading this information, I believe you will understand why I believe it is rather important that we pay close attention to seismic activity in the Atlantic Ocean, particularly emanating from the Canary Islands. 

God bless!
Ned Dougherty
August 1, 2011

Response to the Rumored U.S. East Coast Tsunami Warning
May 13, 2006

In the past 6 days, my website has been experiencing an average of 30,000 hits per day and I have been overwhelmed with email requests primarily from Europe and Canada requesting that I respond to warnings that have been emanating from several websites and media sources in Europe predicting that a U.S. East Coast tsunami may occur specifically from May 18 to May 25, 2006. In addition to posting these warnings for this specific time period, these websites have made reference to my books in English and French respectively, Fast Lane to Heaven and Voie Express pour le Paradis. Inferences have been made that I have concurred with the prediction of this potential event in May 2006.

First of all, I have not made any predictions that such an event may or may not happen during this specific time period, nor have I been disseminating such information. Secondly, there is no basis for me in my experiences to assume that I may be given actual times or dates that specific geophysical or geopolitical events will definitely occur or that I do have, in fact, the ability to predict future dates. Finally, I have not received any information from any source that indicates to me that I should post a warning for this specific time period. However, I elaborate further on this final point concerning the future potential of a U.S. East Coast tsunami at this site www.missionofangels.org. See below.

Some of these internet driven rumors refer to the possibility of a large meteor hitting the Atlantic Ocean. I have no reason to believe that this event either may or may not happen during this time period, nor can I dismiss such a tragedy as a possible event in the future. However, it seems likely that scientists, and NASA specifically, would be able to detect any potential meteor activity by now that would cause a tsunami during the next several weeks. Unless there are credible scientists making predictions to the contrary, I do not believe that the rumors of a large meteor striking the Atlantic Ocean can be taken seriously.

I had described the potential of a U.S. East Coast tsunami as imminent, meaning within our life times, in a press release dated January 1, 2005, based on a recent trip that I had taken to La Palma in the Canary Islands. Some Scientists have concluded that the La Palma threat is a not if, but when scenario. Assuming that a possible U.S. East Coast tsunami will result from seismic activity in the Canary Islands, or from some other location, and not from a meteor exploding into the Atlantic Ocean, I am monitoring the following scenarios that I believe may lead to the possibility of an East Coast tsunami.

An increase in the number of and intensity of seismic events moving from the East Hemisphere to the West Hemisphere in a definitive pattern from the Ring of Fire or the Pacific Rim to the Atlantic region.

Further tidal wave or tsunami episodes, resulting in the loss of life and property in Indonesia and more particularly Australia and or New Zealand.

Seismic activity with a magnitude above 5.0 on the Richter scale along the Mid Atlantic Ridge of the Atlantic Ocean.

Seismic activity or volcanic eruptions in the Azores and or Canary Islands, particularly on or near the island of La Palma.

I believe that the most important information that I have to share concerning the possibility of a U.S. East Coast tsunami and other undesirable potential future events is the following. My experiences have included visions of the future that may occur, if mankind does not return to God and follow His plan for the future of humanity. Perhaps, I have been granted credibility because many of the visions, which I have previously documented, have subsequently taken place, but these unfortunate events are only happening because we are not hearing the messages from God for mankind.

My understanding of how we can return to the plan that God has designed for us is through prayer and meditation; through prayer to call out to God and through meditation to hear His response to us. My experiences and, therefore, my beliefs indicate to me that the future is not fixed but is rather fluid and depends not on some predetermined destiny, but upon the ability of humanity to change the world for the better through the power of prayer. I believe that through the power of prayer we can alter the future for the better and usher in an Era of Peace. In effect, through the power of our prayers, we can return civilization to the original order of creation and eliminate the darkness in the world.

Unfortunately, we are currently experiencing a confluence of dark energy that is unprecedented in the modern world. The North American Hopi Indians have a word which appropriately describes the state of humanity, koyaanisqatsi, which means life in turmoil, life disintegrating, life out of balance; a state of life that calls for another way of living.

On December 26, 2004, a geophysical event occurred that is unprecedented in modern recorded history, an event that had been previously described in Fast Lane to Heaven. The axis of the earth actually shifted creating a ripple effect through the core of the earth that erupted silently underwater and morphed into the deadly Asian Tsunami. That ripple effect continues to resonate through the core of the earth, giving us signs of the times that the earth itself is experiencing koyaanisqatsi.

Thanking God for the miracle of cyberspace, I am assured that this message will be communicated simultaneously throughout the world. Yet, I am confident that no matter where you are in the world as you read this message, you recognize that you are experiencing weather patterns that are erratic and unpredictable. Even the animals, birds, fish, and the crops are acting peculiarly. In the Atlantic, schools of fish are altering their migratory patterns. In Florida, an unprecedented number of alligators are attacking and devouring humans.

In the past several days before May 18, 2006, we learned that April 2006 is the warmest April on record; interstate roads were closed in Florida as a result of wildfires due to the drought conditions; a 7.4 magnitude Pacific Ocean earthquake resulted in tsunami warnings for New Zealand; the Melapi Volcano began to erupt in Indonesia; and New England was experiencing the worst rainfall and flooding in seven decades. Last week, a 7.9 magnitude quake struck Tonga in the South Pacific sending out a ripple effect of seismic waves at 7,400 miles per hour causing a well in Christiansburg, Virginia, USA to rise 6 inches, illustrating how fragile and interconnected is the core of the planet. The Christiansburg well has been so inexplicably accurate in predicting the signs of the times that the U.S. Geological Service has installed monitoring devices with satellite equipment to transmit its readings.

Our scientists, politicians, powerbrokers, celebrities, and talking heads in the media seem to be powerless and clueless in trying to explain why all these things are happening. Even on global warming, the scientists cannot seem to agree on what is causing the world to be so out of balance. Perhaps they are clueless because they are only looking on a physical level for an explanation for global warming, not recognizing that it may be what we are doing, or alternatively, what we are failing to do on a spiritual level that is affecting the planet in ways that cannot be explained through science. That is, unless scientists focus more attention on a super-microscopic level and recognize that the intelligent plan that guides the universe, the life force of energy that controls all particles of matter and all living things, has become so corrupted by an increase in dark energy that the planet and its inhabitants are reeling on a downward course into an abyss of chaos and confusion.

By tuning into the TV Weather Channel from the comfort of our homes, we can view global satellite images of the weather patterns that are affecting the planet, but we still cannot find an explanation for why the weather patterns are so out of balance. Perhaps what we all need is a Spiritual Weather Channel, so we can then view all of the destructive spiritual storms that are raging throughout the planet as a result of all the dark and negative energy created by the violence and war, the materialism and greed, and the disrespect for the sanctity of human life at all levels of life from conception to natural death, particularly with the unfettered experimentation on human life itself. Have you stopped to think for a moment how God is viewing our activities right now?

It is from the perspective of viewing this Spiritual Weather Channel that I formulate much of my beliefs. What I am viewing is a spiritual warfare that is raging across the planet. I can view the dark energy that is being spewed into the atmosphere from the sins of mankind, from the violence and war, the materialism and greed, and the disregard for human life. Even in our attempts to entertain ourselves, the darkness is prevailing. Our films, TV programs, books, newspapers, and magazines have become so dark that our youth are being corrupted and robbed of their innocence. Many moviegoers are eagerly anticipating the global release of the Da Vinci Code as harmless and fictional entertainment. However, from my perspective, I view the release of this film as a virtual tidal wave of dark energy that will roll across the planet from the east to the west further hurtling the planet and its inhabitants into more spiritual chaos and confusion. How much more dark energy can the planet take?

How and when will the planet again erupt in some horrible way as it did on September 11, 2001; on December 26, 2004 with the Asian Tsunami; on August 29, 2005 with Katrina, and in so many other dark ways both great and small sending us Wakeup Calls. But unfortunately too many of us are not listening, which means there will be more Wakeup Calls.

Fortunately, I can also see the light beams from the prayers of people who are trying to make a difference through the power of their prayers. Unfortunately, the darkness is so thick and heavy now that terrible things will continue to occur, unless perhaps God Himself will intervene directly in the affairs of mankind.

Now I cannot tell you when to sell your condo in Florida and move to the hills; what to do with your stocks and bonds, commodities, precious medals, and jewelry, but there is one thing that I am certain of.

If you place God in your life first and foremost and you begin to pray devoutly, fervently and with humility, God will answer your concerns. You may not hear the answers that you want to hear. But deep down inside of you, when you feel that the divine spark has been ignited within you, you will begin to talk with God and walk on a journey with Jesus that will continue to grow and grow on a daily basis.

You will find that you need not live in fear for yourself or your family members or loved ones. If you think that you are being urged to move to the mountains, be certain that such calling is coming from God and not from any other, be it a man or woman, a visionary, a psychic or a medium, or anyone who purports to have the answers for you. We all have the divine spark to connect directly with our God and Creator and it is only through Him that we should ultimately follow our own destiny.

The journey begins with prayer, followed by silence. Have patience with yourself and with God for He knows how impatient you are, but you are on His time clock not your own, and He knows better than we do what is best for each and every one of us.

If you do these things, pray and meditate, you will grow as a person and you will grow in spirit, and you will learn to live without fear of the unknown. Although the future and what it portends for us here on Earth may not be known, you will approach the future without fear and with confidence because you will be walking with the Lord. Because of everything that I have been shown, of this I am certain.

This email is being sent to you from Eastern Long Island and near the Atlantic Ocean where I intend to remain until May 28th. Then I will be heading to the mountains of Pennsylvania, specifically to speak at the National Shrine of the Sacred Heart, Harleigh, PA on June 1, 2006 at 7:00pm.

God bless!

Ned Dougherty


Comment – August 7, 2011

This website would like add to the above. It may sound a little outlandish but these are strange days and this may gave further perspective to what Ned Dougherty has ‘seen’.

A friend gifted with genuine clairvoyant ability has ‘seen’ the approach of another celestial body close to earth in 2012. This is the long-foretold return of Planet X, otherwise known as Niburu, in its elliptical orbit.

As in the past it will pass close to Earth but this time one of its smaller moons, or even a fragment of Niburu itself will collide with Earth.

It won’t be the end of life on this planet, he says, but it will have profound consequences.

Just think about that for a moment. For if a celestial body was to impact with Earth, particularly if it were to impact in the Atlantic, it would indeed trigger calamitous tsunamis.

Even a small celestial body would have a profound impact. Not only on the U.S. east coast but also in western Europe and particularly in southern England and London especially.

Our friend has a very good track record with his predictions, accurately predicting the invasion of Iraq and much else besides. So we cannot lightly dismiss what he says. Ed.