Crimson in the Clover, Over and Over

Visible Origami – August 6, 2011

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

What fascinating and unpredictable times these are. A couple of days ago I had had something on my mind that had floated around as a possibility but had never happened. It seemed like it couldn’t happen, or wouldn’t happen and then suddenly it happened. I had to go somewhere for it and I didn’t want to but I was compelled to but couldn’t understand why because it seemed like all the other times and I had come to a point where I didn’t consider it as a reality anymore. I went a tad apprehensively because I try to watch everything I do now and there’s no telling what something means anymore.

Then, yesterday, I was reading something by a writer who gets carried at a site where I do not, even though that site solicited me to be carried. When I didn’t start appearing, I wrote and asked them about it and got a nice response from someone, with an apology and then they still didn’t carry me, so I walked away from that. This writer was talking about how The Tribe are just pawns and sacrifices to some forever unnamed elite that is pulling all the strings and setting up the world’s biggest victims as the next victims, as if they had always been victims and he mentioned a number of writers, some of whom I think are dingbats, who write all kinds of prissy stuff about female sexuality and how women not wearing dresses is the cause of the destruction of western culture; whatever that is. My name wasn’t mentioned and I think that was because I lay the blame for much of what is taking place at the very doorstep of The Tribe.

I look at the names of the perpetrators of 9/11 and they are mostly all members of The Tribe. I look at the main financial demon and his name is Rothschild. I look at the heads of all the Central Banks and they are all members of The Tribe. I can’t really find anyone who isn’t in a position of prominence except for some royals and aristocrats and I can make a good argument for their place in the spectrum but why bother. Someone please tell me who these shadowy elite are, by names that are using The Tribe as helpless dupes. Someone give me other names for what happened in Russia and who are responsible for the murder of The Palestinians and so on and so on and so on. Don’t get me started on slavery, human trafficking and organ harvesting, much less false flags.

So I went to walk out my door yesterday while a light rain was falling. I was a little set back in my thoughts about this whole business and the way I can’t seem to communicate as effectively as I might and how I am unstable here and there in my intrepid search for self realization, as well as relative and absolute truth. I’m obviously not as effective as I could be because I’m still not who I should be but I am hopeful. I walked outside and I looked up at the sky and I saw the most perfect double rainbow I have ever seen and I have lived in Hawaii. It was something to behold and a voice came into my head that said, “This is for you, just to let you know that promises have been and will be kept”. Maybe I’m delusional and maybe any numbers of things are true about me, or not. I know what I heard and how it made me feel. This all came on the heels of what had happened the day before so I am thinking that long awaited transformations are finally at hand and right in time for predictions I’ve gotten concerning my upcoming birthday on the 22nd.

This is all a little personal but it does extrapolate out to all of us because all of us are loved and needed more than we know, not that we measure up as we always should.

I believe in a few things and some of those are fixed. I believe in the power and preeminence of Love, which I believe is the primary motive force in creation. I believe the quality and content of Love is misunderstood generally and that is due to the relative presence of darkness in this age. We see and know what we can, based on the clarity possible for us. Love has been redefined as something that has various levels of marketable meaning, according to the force of materialism that permeates through our days and ways. It’s one more item on the shelf and you get the expensive kind and the cheap kind and neither have anything to do with the real commodity that takes us through the darkness and out the other side. Some of us know that the highest form of love is sacrifice and service but we only understand that to the degree that we are in tune with the mind of the cosmos, as it moves us to whatever destiny awaits each of us and which is a common thing, far up the road.

We don’t actually understand much of anything and that is why we are confused and disappointed. It is why our hearts are heavy and our minds dulled by the incessant force of base magnetic attraction to what is decomposing as we look at it. We desire and we aspire but we have different windows of opportunity that appear in our various ages and if we don’t meet the higher end of what we are capable of, we have less possibility as each age passes, until death liberates us for another round. Since it takes everything we have, most of us don’t have the necessary force to offer the coin required.

This is one of the supreme moments of transformation that is ever possible here and certainly in this type of an age. That means that the essential basic force of impetus is geared directly to all that can be for all who will be. It means that despite ourselves we are making progress, though we could do better. I’m trying and I’ve been trying all my life but my tools and disposition have often run contrary to my best interests. Now I find that something or someone has changed me in some very positive ways as if, maybe all of my inconsistent efforts have finally amounted to something or… extra force of a generous and understanding kind has given me what I don’t feel I actually desire but I’ll take it (grin).

I know that a lot of us believe that the dreamscape is real and that we have to function in it on certain terms, which always make us feel like whores and fools who have to sell their asses so that they’ll feel they lost something important and valuable, when it doesn’t work out in an equitable way concerning what we think our asses are worth. Yet, how much can our asses be worth if we are selling them? How much were we improved by selling out as opposed to holding out? Some of us have held out and we shall see what that is worth.

It’s an incredibly seedy scene that confronts us these days. I get that, ‘looking at a train wreck’ sensation’ whenever I view the world through the lens of the media reporting on it. I never can resolve my conflict in perception when I see people who are defined as being highly intelligent and competent, achieving what I see in front of me. This measurement of intelligence and competence is directly interpreted according to the relative stupidity of those people now trapped in the results of all that intelligence and capability.

Sometimes I wind up at a British news site and with very few selections they are all tabloids. Then there is a line of photos down the right hand side. Sometimes there are fifty or more, that show celebrities in various stages of undress, with commentary about who they are breaking up with and how fine their bodies do or don’t look now and I don’t know who any of them are. Occasionally I will recognize a name but I can’t place any of the rest of them but… they are celebrities. They are celebrities that behave like animals, rolling in roadside carcasses, and that is some kind of a standard for the rest of us. I’m glad I’m not them. I don’t actually know who I am but I am glad I’m not them.

I can’t get over some of the events of the last couple of days. I experienced some things that just weren’t supposed to happen and I get strange things happening all the time so, these were strange on steroids. The thing with the rainbow was a real heart warmer and whatever the actual truth of it may be, it has lifted my spirits when I needed it most.

It’s not easy, having to appear as a wack job, in the eyes of those with no faith in anything but their own abilities to present a deceptive façade. I never like doing that because you’re due to get exposed for it at some point. The universe is pretty unforgiving about that. I don’t like having to be naked all the time either but it’s the safer and wiser choice. I think, it comes down to the reality that it is far more important what the cosmos thinks about you than anyone else. Everyone else doesn’t carry my water and feed me by mysterious means or protect me from the actual and potential dangers of the animal mind. I’m not in Norway being eaten by polar bears and I think part of that is because I know better than to think I’m going to gain personal meaning by seeing what can and cannot happen, when I put myself in the wrong place at exactly the right season. “Script girl!” I’m not amused or entertained by it and that has nothing to do with the other tragedy in Norway that was manipulated by The Tribe to let everyone know who’s in charge. Well now, who is in charge? That’s one question. Who is responsible? That is another. How is it all going to turn out and who is going to wind up hanging on the hooks as the cosmos fires up the judgment train (I got a lot of trains)? Those are other questions.

Is it any of my business what other people do? It might be, if it affects me and… I think that was what was going on, when they got together to write that Declaration of Independence. Another thing is that none of these constructs endure beyond the time it takes for the lessons to be learned; then new constructs and new lessons come, if you need them or want them, because something looks like something and you need to see if that is what it is. I guess we will see what it is, all at once, or for a little while, because the apocalypse makes that happen.

Are the apocalypses all the same according to names and terms? I don’t know. In a million years will this be around for terrestrial consideration? Well, you have Atlantis and Lemuria and what you know about them. MS Word doesn’t even recognize Lemuria.

For myself, it comes down to not being the kind of person who makes my fortune off of the backs of others without their consent; cosmically no one gets where they are going on their own. They had help in both directions. I would say that there never was a time when so much help was available and when it wasn’t more important for you personally and you should take advantage of it. I would also say that this continues to happen and it always will because that is what happens on the road. It is up to each of us what we think awaits and is possible. You will get out of it what you put into it and everyone has a different idea of what that ought to be so… good fortune, my friends.

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