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Reflections in a Petri Dish – August 4, 2011

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

My goodness, is this so? I guess it has to be. As I’ve said many times, if something horrible and heinous and violent is taking place, you can track it to Israel and Zionism pretty much refero. Now we have Sue Rabbitt Roff promoting organ sales to pay down student loan debts and I suspect this ties into the request that the elderly should arrange to die for the good of those who still don’t have enough. Coincidentally, one of her children is a doctor and the other is a music producer (snicker). You can’t find any information (or I couldn’t) about her genealogy but you have to assume the obvious until proven different.

I spent a little time yesterday, reading the feedback from Israel and international Ziolandia about whether Norway deserved what they got. It was interesting to see this collection of perpetual victims talking about how the world has been down on them for so long and there’s never any reason given. Of course you can study what all the countries who threw them out had to say about why it was done and the sheer number of countries, which amounts to about every country in the world and sometimes more than once, indicates that something was happening that wasn’t in the best interest of the country expelling them. People can argue till they are blue in the face and look like Smurfs but it doesn’t change a thing.

As Victor Hugo said, “there’s nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come”. A whole lot of ideas have arrived on the doorstep of the world, with the arrival of the Aquarian Age and I don’t think I have to list any of them because you have only to look at the reality of the world and the lies of the controlled media to notice the vast abyss that lies between them and is making hungry noises about what’s it’s got an appetite for. I can hear the world’s stomach rumbling from way down in the abyss and it’s got something to do with the devil’s children as an antipasto. Seriously, there are only two possible directions. One direction is that the most evil people on the planet actually take over the Earth and sacrifice everyone else on the barbie of the burnt offering altars and, that’s never happened because it isn’t permitted according to the sanctity of the Gaia force or, the worm turns into the refracted light of a new time frame of being, accompanied by the changes (no matter how severe) that are needed to accommodate the change.

I’m not about revenge or schadenfreude. I spend a lot of time looking out for snails and slugs on the ground so I don’t crunch them. If a little creature gets caught in the house, I make it a point to relocate it. The Devic Realm is my special area of interest and attraction and the human kingdom doesn’t get any less, except that they are more defenseless in The Devic Realm than in the human kingdom. We’re not very nice these days because the darkness within has too much contact and sympathy with the darkness without. It’s the times but the times are changing and that always means the arrival of judgment.

One of the reasons I am not more widely read and linked by more sites is because I believe in a divine presence. Let me restate that; I am convinced and certain of divine presence and not shy about saying so. This annoys that vast segment of intellectual, preeminent false self types, who see themselves as gods in their own sphere of being and who object to being usurped by something that might require humility and selflessness of them. They’re out for number one and in contention with all the other number ones, whose existence and contributions smell more like number two.

I had someone with the likely name of Mudgett (probably lives in a Dickens novel) who is pissed that Jeff Rense links my work. According to him, I just spout the same old new age crap, even though I am no fan of the new age contingent, who like to run around dressed up in white and charge big money to hear themselves talk, as they take all the credit for what they can do, as if they generated it somehow, which they didn’t or maybe they did, given the general authenticity. Mudgett says that he’s going back to Alex Jones who is the real deal. I informed Mr. Mudgett about Alex Jones but have no sanguine hopes that he’ll accept the reality of the alternative news, Huckster, Zio-Troll in Chief, whose place in the Rothschild payroll is beyond dispute.

I don’t mind being dismissed by the rank and file self worshipping authorities on nothing. The cosmos has its own way of doing business and I’ll take what comes in that regard. We’ll see what’s what in the long run; likely to be the short run now and we’ll all have to make our peace with it, one way or another. What I suspect and think I know but won’t outright claim to, is that what appears to be mysterious to us actually makes sense on every level, once the ‘I factor’ has been removed and once the item or concept can be seen in a clear and detached way, according to whatever modality it is being studied in.

Conscious life and the life we define in respect of the appearances presented to us, based on what we expect or fear from them, has the dynamic of a Mobius strip. The rational sense interpreting mind can only view one half of the Mobius strip. That’s the parameter of its perceptual range. In order to view the other half, the intuitive factor has to come into play and that doesn’t involve precise knowing in any empirical sense but neither does the other. We just fool ourselves about that and that is why there are so many theories and perspectives and related sciences that attempt to make meaning out of anything. It’s like the argument between evolution and intelligent design. The understanding of the actual course of evolution is flawed and presumptive and the actual understanding of intelligent design is not intelligent. It’s generally based on fundamental ignorance, associated with a control agenda that favors the manipulative infrastructure of greed heads and power junkies. They can go fuck themselves and they will (grin). Pardon my language but I wanted to be precise. Brevity doesn’t hurt either, nor does plain speaking.

I don’t know how many people are aware that Thomas Paine was imprisoned in France or that Ben Franklin got him out but without really being all that motivated, it seems. I don’t know how true all that is, since it’s attributed to Monroe actually affecting his release but I think Franklin was in the mix at some point. I point this out to indicate that our heroes weren’t always heroes and some were more heroes than those given a more pervasive and common agreement of the state. You’ll have to use your intuition to see what I’m driving at.

We’re short on name recognition heroes these days but there are many toiling in the underbrush and time and transformation is going to bring those efforts to light “as time goes by”. We all need to remember that what matters most is who and what sees what we do with our lives and remember that our lives have been going on and are going on at this moment. We are not so much responsible for success and failure as it applies to the way the world may see us but we are responsible for what we do in terms of the cosmic perspective. It’s the cosmic perspective that is in charge of promotions and demotions and not the fickle heart of a mercantile world.

It never fails to intrigue me as I go about my days and watch the march of the masses and their psychopathic herdsmen in their ‘same as it ever was’ promenade into the looming unknown. I don’t know what’s waiting out there but I do know what’s waiting in here and you have to cast your lot with something. If you think you can rely on your own powers for much of anything, you will eventually find out the truth of it and whether or not there is a single motive power or whether we are riding into the station under our own steam. Have a good day.

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