The Hypnotic Foot Greande: Update

Discreetly ignored by the establishment media, the Metropolitan Police in London has confirmed Richard Colvin Reid is indeed British. “Tariq Rajah” is complete fiction and “Abdel Rahim” might (or might not) be the name he used to allegedly worship at the Brixton mosque in south west London. In a rare and quite extraordinary “coincidence”, Mr Reid is now alleged to have “known” Zacarias Moussaoui, a Frenchman of Moroccan origin who lived in Brixton, and who has been charged in America with conspiracy over the September 11 attacks, and suspected of organising the hijacks of the planes (sic) which destroyed the World Trade Center.

Well now! Here we are with the American Government furiously trying to convince a skeptical public that physical “Arab Hijackers” flew the remotely-controlled jets into the World Trade Center, when along comes a convenient nutter loaded up with C-4 and Cordex, conveniently “proving” a link between Arab Terrorists and American Airlines, and between Zacarias Moussaoui and American Airlines. This is the sort of “lucky break” that intelligence officers have wet dreams about…

This fantastically convenient link was made by Abdul Haqq Baker, 35, chairman of the Brixton mosque in south west London, who “issued his warning” two days after Briton Richard Reid appeared in a Boston court. Mr Baker said: “If they have got the likes of Rahim, there are a lot more and we are very concerned about that.” Mr Baker added “Mr Reid may have known another worshipper at the mosque, Zacarias Moussaoui.” He said there was a period at the end of 1998 when the two men attended the Brixton mosque and may have come into contact with each other.

The entire Flight 63 incident now bears all the hallmarks of a fumbled CIA black operation, in this case aided and abetted by its junior subsidiary British MI6, located on the south bank of the River Thames in London. It is no big trick switching someone’s shoes for another similar pair either on the aircraft while the passenger is asleep, or earlier in his Parisian hotel room. Then all you have to do is strike a sulphur match, shout: “he’s got a bomb”, and your unwitting Patsy is in the bag. The FBI would do well to check the passengers seated in the immediate proximity of Richard Reid on Flight 63.

This claim is not made in ignorance. During 1996 I was invited to travel from Australia to Libya on a diplomatic visa, in order to discuss my fresh evidence in the WPC Yvonne Fletcher case, which proved conclusively that Policewoman Fletcher was killed outside the Libyan Embassy in London in 1984 by shots scientifically backtracked on video and audio to 8 St James Square, a building occupied by two American multinationals and the CIA. That story can be read at . As will be obvious, The CIA and MI6 did not approve of this trip to Libya and said so discreetly, but I proceeded anyway.

On arrival at Frankfurt in Germany aboard a Lufthansa jumbo, for transfer to a flight bound for Malta and then Libya, I found my shoes had been replaced while I was asleep with a similar (but slightly different) pair. Assuming a mistake but unable to locate anyone wearing my own shoes, I walked to the terminal in my socks for the simple reason I considered wearing second hand shoes unhygenic. As my old credit card records show, I then had to pay $200.00 for a new pair of shoes purchased just outside Frankfurt Airport, at which point I threw my “replacement” shoes from the Jumbo into a garbage bin.

In isolation this incident proves nothing of course, but a precursor tends to. When I joined the Lufthansa flight in Jakarta, the aircraft had a passenger load of about 320 souls, most of them Germans speaking German and returning from holidays in Bali. In what was almost a statistical impossibility, I sat down in my allocated seat, and found myself sitting next to the only other Englishman on the flight, a “jolly nice chap” who owned a travel business in southern England, and whose son “was in the Special Air Services at Hereford [England]”, or so he claimed. At Frankfurt my new chummy friend was first off the plane and I never saw him again. The visiting card that he handed me on the Lufthansa jumbo, later turned out to be false. What a surprise!

Do I believe or fear that my “replacement” shoes contained a thin layer of C-4 between the inner and outer soles, and that I was a make-believe bomb waiting to be arrested? Hell no! But I do believe that the replacement shoes probably contained a thin layer of cannabis resin or opium or cocaine in the same area, and that Maltese customs would have been tipped off in advance about the “drug smuggler”. That would have automatically got me twenty or more years in a Maltese prison, where I would no longer have been even a minor threat to American or British intelligence. Western intelligence agencies are famous for black operations like these, and there are dozens of other documented examples.

Where Flight 63 is concerned, the Agencies effectively killed two birds with one stone. A false connection was established between Arab hijackers and American Airlines, and between Zacarias Moussaoui and American Airlines. Secondly but importantly, fear of flying was reintroduced and reinforced greatly, frightening the public and politicians alike. When frightened, you tend to be far less critical of intelligence agency “advice” about what to do next. The bottom line is that the CIA and MI6 engineered the Flight 63 incident to put themselves firmly back in the driving seat.