The Dolphins Sunbathing on the Armageddon Train

Smoking Mirrors – August 2, 2011

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Tell me that you are surprised. Go ahead, it is okay. This congressional bill that they spent so much time wrangling over and twisting their little hands over while their mouths were busy elsewhere working on the bankers accomplished not only no good but attacked the very things they needed to protect for their own physical survival. Forget their spiritual survival, which belongs to the bank. You can finish the joke about the check being in the mail and not have to wonder where that final deposit got made.

One thing I can tell you for sure, if you live in a large city it is time to move to the country and paint your mailbox blue. It used to be you couldn’t get heroin out there all that easy and had to stick with methamphetamine but you probably won’t be able to afford either of those so you will have to go for the alcohol. Later on you can strain Sterno through Wonder Bread under a bridge abutment and hope the bridge falls on you first. I always wonder how the people who expect that the dreaded socialism will get them when they aren’t going to be getting any social security anyway.

You don’t have a president; you have somebody that I can beat at one on one basketball with a rubber stamp for a head. Personally, I don’t worry about social security; I never had any intention of applying for it in the first place and the Moody River keeps on flowing.

What happens when an imperialistic economy comes to the edge of collapse after it has over extended itself with foreign wars? It finds a bigger war. Hello hyper inflation. Wow! I’m actually writing like a mainstream journalist this morning (except for the opening paragraph), I’d better cut that out, someone might think I lost my eleventh marble.

You can stick a fork in the American Empire but I don’t suggest raising it to your mouth afterwards. This link shows how afraid they are. Still, they can’t help keep on keeping on. They are going to hang together and separately and they are inflaming the mob that’s going to carry it out as if they were unaware of this fact. When the Italians start going nuts in the street you will really start to see some action. London Town is going to be falling down and you won’t want to be anywhere near The City when that happens, not that there would be much room.

It’s the fitting epitome of The Boy Stands on the Burning Bridge. Instead of traders waving banknotes out of the windows of the banking houses there will be people waving bankers with banknotes stuffed in their mouths. They’ve got plenty of CCTV cameras to catch the whole thing and it’s going to be ‘buckwheat’s all around; if you’ve seen “Things to do in Denver when you’re Dead”.

You cannot get rid of the middle class. It does not happen, revolt comes first and they are breaking into the armories to get the means, not that they don’t have enough guns to accomplish that already. We’re about to see the Charge of the Light in the Ass Brigade sort of as the bankers swoop in to take what isn’t even there anymore. They’re not sure though, well, of course there’s still something there but all the people working for them who accomplish this result are the same people they are taking it from. It makes no sense and that’s just how it should be. They stole everything that wasn’t nailed down and then they came back with crowbars to pry up the rest and got hit on the head with Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”.

Ive no sympathy for them. I won’t be dancing in the streets as I did on the day that Nelson Rockefeller went to Hell but I will be listening to the soundtrack. No one has EVER taken over the world, just as no one has ever pacified The Graveyard of Empires and if you don’t believe that, I’ve got some Khyber Rifles to sell you. Their only resort is to flee to the far off provinces and pretend to be “The Man who would be King” and darn it, they were both Masons.

I often get the same lunatic coming around and threatening me, in all caps and in the name of Jesus Christ, with being sent to Hell for defending The Masons when all I ever want to transmit is that it isn’t the system of Masonry that is the problem, it’s the people running the thing. All Masonry is, is a geometric system with a lot of math that came from The Egyptians. It’s like the principles of The Kabala, which was not invented by the Jews and neither was their alphabet which they took from The Chaldeans. Once again, I point out how the Hebrew alphabet reads from right to left and that The Crown and its colonies drive on the left hand side of the road.

I could point out a lot of things about language and etymological roots but I’m not a philologist. You’ll have to see Brother Tolkien about that and T.S. Elliot was a banker; “I’ve seen the mermaids singing each to each” until human voices woke me and I drowned. I drowned in a sea of love but I won’t get into that now.

VP Biden is charging rent to the Secret Service to protect his hair implants, while Howdy Doody dances and Kissinger is in Paraguay sticking kittens with a fork. All aboard the Armageddon Train, I can feel the hammer coming khumbamela jambalaya; I hope the vegans don’t take me down, in avocado tofu town where the dolphins are lying naked in the sun. Come on all you religions, acting out your false traditions, come on you politicians; get on board the Armageddon Train and in the main spaces of the market places all the warlocks are waiting for the Armageddon Train and that will be a song soon enough, soon enough.

Yeah, I could say more but you’ve heard it before. In Germany you can buy the most expensive German beer for about sixty five cents a half liter bottle and food doesn’t cost that much because they subsidize it so the poor can eat. Rents aren’t that bad, not that I pay rent. You see people sunbathing naked in the public parks, you can walk right by them and no one says a thing. Imagine that in the US. I’m not promoting it and I don’t do it. I’m just pointing it out along with drugs decriminalized in Portugal reducing the actual usage by a significant percentage. I knew a guy who was in a Danish prison who was growing a pot plant on his window sill there and was in there because of drugs. You see, they know how to get around problems over here (grin) and that’s why it won’t be so bad in some places once they all figure out how to follow Iceland where, strangely enough, any journalist who’s catching shit somewhere else can have sanctuary if they want it.

Once some people find out that all they have to do is pretend that they are a corporation and outsize themselves to Mexico there’s going to be a lot more guacamole and salsa being passed around. The Amerikundalini is rising in the wrong direction which explains all those erections that are stiffening like corpses soon to sundry in the desert of a place that used to be and never was.

I suppose that should cover my end of things for the moment. Keep your powder dry while you’re waiting in line to use the restroom and remember, the Czech’s in the mail.

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