Voice of the White House April 25, 2005

“Right now, there is joy in the White House over the apparent success of a faked letter that stirred up a riot and some killing in Iran recently. The CIA has been busy, not detecting incoming attacks, but in destabilizing foreign governments like Venezuela, the Ukraine, Russia and Iran. The trick seems to be to find their local opponents, pour huge amounts of the taxpayer’s money into supporting them, start rebellions inside the country and then, when the governments fall, move in with Standard Oil to grab up everything in sight. Chavez fought back and so has Putin but the Iranians are not as hip to US treachery and have a lot to learn. The CIA tried to destabilized Canada a few years back but now everyone is really terrified that someone else is destabilizing Mexico, right on our borders! There is trouble in Mexico City and a very well-funded anti-Fox (and anti-US) movement in the rest of the country.

We suspect that the Russians and Chavez might have a hand in all of this by playing back on this country what we have done to them. I was planning to send my sister’s kids to Cancun for a holiday but I think I will stick to Florida now. Bush and his idiots started all of this out of fascist joy but now are seeing the pinch and are getting scared. The worm is turning, especially in Congress, where the Administration’s bullying is having an adverse reaction. Watch the crooked DeLay closely because his fate will be a bellweather for the rest of them.”

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