Mr Apocalypse and his Walking Stick

Reflections in a Petri Dish – July 30, 2011

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

It goes on behind closed doors. At least that is how it has always been until now. This character has appeared who is half Fred Astaire, half Buster Keaton and half Michael Jackson moving backwards; you do the math. What I mean to say is that it is all by way of Monty Python, with synchronized Jesus Krishna/Ted Bundy attitude. It’s Mr. Apocalypse. Mr. Apocalypse is what should have been when it wasn’t permitted by those who should not have done what they did AND Mr. Apocalypse is here. Mr. Apocalypse is the greatest public servant of all. He has rectitude and integrity like Rothschild has paper; paper, rock, scissors? Mr. Apocalypse is ultra-abled; he’s got fire and water too.

The reason Mr. Apocalypse has so many features and dimensions is that he has a consort who assists him in his public actions that take place behind closed doors on the stage of contemporary presence. She is called Lady Nature and she brings the force to bear upon circumstance. You can think of Mr. Apocalypse as a David Copperfield kind of a guy that has a slinky, shimmering and attractive presence in the person of an assistant who makes shit happen and I messed this up somewhere and that is why I am doing it in a Petri dish.

Things have to operate within their dimensions. They are required to operate within a certain construct of limitation in order to operate. You can talk about rules and regulations. You can talk about walls and blocks. You can talk about foundations. You can talk math and you can shoot around the corner with algebra and engage trigonometry and you can go and go and go like the Energizer Bunny but you are in a system.

You depend on systems. When you drive over a bridge you depend on the math and mechanics that support your travel. Some systems are temporary and some endure. Some systems are eternal and may not be systems but simply 1010101010 out of which systems emerge and then there are dimensions.

Of course you are going to have a new world order and of course things are going to repeat themselves and of course it is going to go on and on. That is what it does. The Earth goes on and on. The planets go on and on and demonstrations of life go on through the colorful envelope of culture and commerce and there you are.

I have been a bit of a warrior in my life and I have been on mad escapades. I would say endurance is my signal strength. I have fallen down three or four times in my life from exhaustion and it wasn’t connected to drugs or age, it was just max point. I used to go out into the McKenna Beach area on Maui and throw kicks at the cactus plants and knock the parts off of them and you have to be careful with your aim, given that the spikes can find their way through the sneakers but I was just testing myself against Nature, the same way I used to dance with the desert serpents who used the wind dervishes for psychedelic gladiator school. I have an idea about systems; methods of delivery, compression and release and all kinds of things but I am not a tool and die man, or a banker but I can see some things and my observation is that the thin air fiat system is flammable and corrosive and right now and there is no getaway.

I don’t mean to intrude myself into the mix but we are all myself aren’t we? We all have our systems and habitual behavior. I hope your system is in tune with the cosmos or that you are considering getting in tune with the cosmos because the cosmic imperative, Mr. Apocalypse, is moonwalking on the accordion licks and this system has come to the end of its intention and now the beast is looking to close the doors of the casino so the whores of Babylon can cloister and party, while you suffer at your own expense. Not only are they stealing from you but they are blaming the cause of the condition on you and they are intending to make you pay for their excesses.

Ordinarily this kind of shit just goes on and on. It migrates when times get dicey and it works over long periods of time and across long stretches of country but… presently all of these things have run out and the veils are lifting. I have no idea of what is intended to occur, but August brings us more inevitable push and shove, meeting irresistible force and Mr. Apocalypse is walking though the town, tapping his stick. He is using his stick to lift the skirts of the banker whores and when he does this it’s a public thing. Mr. Apocalypse is no uncatchable Jack the Ripper. Mr. Apocalypse is the good guy. It’s most interesting how Jack would operate and how Mr. Apocalypse operates, given the present situation.

Some things have been going on for a long time in the same old places. You get the idea that those same old places aren’t really there anymore but they are. It’s always new and improved. It winds up rehabilitated, like The Vatican. They don’t burn witches and heretics now because they are spiritual. The fundamentalists are good to go with Jesus, because Jesus is their skateboard. The banks and the military, along with the religions and the marketplaces, along with the governments and every other system (did I leave somebody out?) are what they are based on but it is the people who are operating them. They are as good or bad as the people who control the system and whatever controls them. The generals in Turkey are resigning, or are they resigning? Why are they stepping down? Mr. Apocalypse knows why they are stepping down.

The reality is that you will get your house in order, or else. Mr. Apocalypse can dance like nobody can dance. When Mr. Apocalypse dances then you know what the margin is. Did I say margin? Can I get a hedge? Don’t hedges create privacy? Is that some kind of irony? I’m sure the metaphorical royals of our world have hedges and I will bet they have hedge clippers. Mr. Apocalypse has got all those things too and Mr. Apocalypse owns the joint so… Did I say something about you do the math?

I like to sing and dance. I like to be alone. I like all kinds of things and mostly I don’t get to do them but one of these days I will. I hope that everyone gets what they want and more in every sense of the word because if you can\t wake up when Mr. Apocalypse is working his stick. If you can’t wake up and see what is in front of you and call it for what it is then… then…. I expect you get what you deserve. We’ll see, because that is Mr. Apocalypse’s job and he is on the job, as I write these words. You just might see him walking past you in his top hat and tails, that’s how very present he is.

End Transmission…….

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