The “Free Press”..? Part 2

In 1988, Pentagon officials circulated word that a U.S. aircraft carrier would be delayed in heading to the Persian Gulf, where Iran and Iraq were at war, and the story was promptly leaked to a network correspondent. But the story was a deliberate lie. According to Jay Coupe, then spokesman to the Joint Chiefs of Staff: “We actually put out a false message to mislead people. The idea was not to give out information about the movement of our carrier. We were trying to confuse people.”

Seems like nothing’s changed.

“This is the most information-intensive war you can imagine .… We’re going to lie about things,” said a U.S. military officer at a press briefing on Afghanistan recently. “If it is an information war certainly the bad guys will lie.”

Just remember that as the mainstream media reports on the unfolding ‘War on Terror’.

Source: Washington Post Sept 27 2001.