Voice of the White House April 12, 2005

“Your readers might be interested in some background information on all the conspiratorial websites one can fine on the Internet these days. A number of these are legitimate griping but others are the product of people working in our very own Monkey Palace. The Karl Rove plan is to so clutter up the dreaded Internet with false alarms and nonsense that real issues are masked and sidetracked. This works wonderfully when all is said and done. Among the distracting fictions we can find the Real Truth behind the 911 attacks, the Real Truth about the Indonesian tsunami, the Real Truth about vote fraud in Ohio, the Real Truth about WMD, the Real Truth about Depleted Uranium Death Shells and other wonderful stories that keep a large portion of the American public pacified. It keeps them from reading foreign new sources about the increase of attacks in Iraq, the disappearing dollar, the collapse of major American businesses such as TW/AOL and General Motors, the wholesale thievery and rank bribe-taking inside the Beltway that reaches right into the top ranks of Congress and the White House, the army of perverts that run the Republican party and many other boring and distracting stories. Well, one can say with some relish that those who voted for George W. Bush are getting just what they paid for….”

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