Major Battle in Qaim Being Prepared

Over 100 US armoured vehicles supported by attack helicopters and aircraft are reported to have made their way to Qaim. Earlier leaflets were dropped on the town warning residents that they would also be targeted if caught providing the Iraqi Resistance with any support.

The stepping up of operations by US forces comes in the wake of a bloody triple car bomb attack on one US military installation in the town yesterday. In total there were 5 suicide car bombs in Qaim on Monday.

US spokesmen claimed three American soldiers were wounded in the attacks.

In response US heavy artillery and helicopter gun ships bombarded villages north of the Qaim, killing 20 Iraqi civilians including, witnesses claim: 3 old men, 6 women and 7 children.

U.S. spokesmen claimed Tuesday that their troops were battling arms smugglers and fighters near the town, that is close to the Syrian border, killing an unknown number of foreign insurgents.