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Reflections in a Petri Dish – July 24, 2011

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

If this isn’t Half Past Human’s Israeli mistake, then you can probably take your pick from any of their actions in the last two years. Now they have other possible accessories and the one pictured looks strangely enough like Michael Myers. Oddly enough the population is the same as that of Israel and regardless of surface a appearance there is no way that the Norwegians won’t know that Israel was behind it. This is a game changer. There’s no way of telling what will surface over following days but there’s also no telling what’s going to be happening over the next several days either.

Though there’s no way of you telling the difference, I managed through some combination of ignorance and stupidity to erase the parts I had on the original post this morning. You may pause for a brief outburst of either applause or silence now.

My July timetable of abuse passes in two days. Boy am I tired (grin). This weariness is something bone deep as if it is the collective of years. Strangely though, All sorts of new yogic techniques have come to me and some of them are so surprising that I’m thinking of making a DVD of them for the readers and don’t think I won’t. The beauty of them is that you only need a house for the one (it’s called House Yoga) and the other one you need a foam mattress for. I guess I could call it Mattress Yoga although that might have connotations I’d rather not have assumed, while at the same time, it I don’t actually say too much about it, it will definitely increase sales (grin). Now back to the post although I don’t expect to be too inspired or riveting because I’ve got to go out in a few hours to a concert area where I’ll be performing next year And I’ve still got to do the radio show.

Yes, the connections to Israel are too numerous and timely to be coincidental and one Norwegian leader has kind of implied something to that affect. Here’s another amazing statistic. It seems like there are more congressional trips to The Black Hole of Planet Earth that there are actual congresswhores. You have to check out both pages since Tel Aviv is on the second page. That is a staggering reality and a long way to go to give a blowjob but like the hookers who used to give them away for free during the last depression caused by the same people, they ‘were glad to have something warm in their stomach’. I apologize for the frightening image you’ve probably just gotten of Nancy Pelosi and John Boner with Netanyahu or whatever settler rabbi might be standing around.

This is a huge negative for Israel, though we’re going to have to wait and see if they actually publically acknowledge it in Norway. The Norwegians will know, they are not stupid; quite the contrary, they are highly intelligent and as the preceding article shows, very courageous concerning things like right and wrong and responding to them. I’m hoping to get over there and hike the fjords with a friend or two whom I haven’t located yet.

It just goes to show that when you are psychopathic and insane as well as being hubristic beyond rhyme or reason you are headed for destruction on the fast track and it couldn’t happen to a nicer group of people who have all collected themselves in one location for that purpose. Now All that is needed are a series of events in the US, Canada, Europe and so forth to motivate the rest of them to join them. I can only hope this grants me the favor of a few disapproving labels because I want to be identified for what I am with no apologies.

The world is uniting against their common oppressor and soon enough there will be no place to run and no place to hide, not in this day and age. All of the deceptions are on their way to being made public, if they haven’t been already and the grand deception of them all shouldn’t be that far away from being called out and named as well. Recently, something that might have usually been enforced in Canada went the other way. I’m sorry I don’t have the link for that but I did see it a few days ago.

The dawn is breaking, even if it is coming at a great cost, considering the heinous crime that just went down in Norway. A Palestinian State is sure to be acknowledged this fall and that, along with the creation of the Iranian oil bourse is sure to lead to or precipitate an assault of that nation around the same time.

I’m going to cut this blog post short since I’ve got to get the radio show done; my apologies for the brevity.



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Everything we have been talking about happening is happening and some of the more major tragic-comic events will be screening in a theater near you soon.

a little late, or whatever… then it is right on time. I can hear the wolves of Asgard howling on the wind and I can see passports flying in a New Zealand earthquake and Patagonia stealth tourists, dressed up in bunny hats


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