Second Gunman in Norway Shooting Spree?

Rixon Stewart – July 24, 2011

Norwegian police are investigating the possibility there might have been a second gunman involved in Friday’s killing spree.

Police are currently holding 32-year-old Anders Behring Breivik in connection with the shooting rampage that left at least 84 dead at a summer youth camp on Utoeya island, near Oslo.

But police say some survivors have told them a second gunman was involved. “We have heard the same accounts of a second gunman, and are working hard to establish if that was the case,” Einar Aas of the Oslo police told the online edition of newspaper VG.

Unlike Behring Breivik, who was disguised as policeman, witnesses say the second man was not.

Friday’s shooting rampage followed a massive blast in central Oslo that left an additional seven dead and many more injured.

Meanwhile, the corporate media is busy casting Anders Behring Breivik as an architypal “racist” and “white supremacist”.

Beyond portraying Behring Breivik in much the same light as it once did Timothy McVeigh, the corporate media is also repeating the line about how “lax gun laws” helped contribute to the outrage.

So in all likelyhood Norway may soon see the passage of much stricter firearms legislation.

However, its also been reported that the Facebook page upon which most of the media is basing its profile of Anders Behring Breivik was only created AFTER his shooting rampage.

Meaning that even if they didn’t orchestrate the killings, certain elements are seeking to turn Friday’s tragedy to their own advantage.

Are we witnessing a psyops unfold guided by these same covert elements?

Initial reports were very quick to suggest the possible involvement of “Muslim radicals” in Friday’s killing. Before anyone had even claimed responsibility, speculation was rife about how “suspicions will inevitably fall on Islamist militants.”

As it turned out, Muslim extremists were not involved. So now the corporate media is coming out with an entirely different line but one that is all too familiar.

Instead of “Muslim extremists” we are now being told about the involvement of “white racists”. So rather than sound off about the dangers posed by “radical Islam”, the media is now rattling-on incessantly about the threat from “far-right extremists”.

In fact some of the very same commentators who on Friday were warning about the potential involvement of “Islamist radicals” and all that implies are now warning of the enemy within … the far right loner”.

In a matter of days the blame has switched from “Islamist militants” to the opposite extreme.

Seriously, you have to wonder if someone isn’t trying to stir things up here. For even if they didn’t have a hand in orchestrating Friday’s shootings, it seems certain elements are intent on trying to pit ordinary Norwegians against the country’s Muslim community.

It’s an old routine otherwise known as “divide and rule” and it has been happening across the world. First, and this cannot be a coincidence, countries from the U.S. to Europe and Australasia have seen a massive influx of immigrants.

Next, and with the assistance of the corporate media, tension is stoked between the host community and the newly arrived immigrants.

It has been decades in the making but this “divide and rule” routine may soon reach its climax. And whether that culminates in bloody confrontation depends on the extent to which people are aware of this process of manipulation.

But don’t expect to hear about that from the corporate media. In fact with a few exceptions they have been key instruments in the process.

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