Voice of the White House April 9, 2005

“Poor George. His dear friend, DeLay, is going to be dragged down for even more bold thievery than one usually finds in Congress. DeLay is an arrogant, religious idiot who does not realize the damage he has done to himself and the Republicans by his basre-faced thefts and bribe-taking. George does the same thing but his aides keep it under the counter but DeLay is right out in the open. George wears a ski mask when robbing the bank but DeLay passes out business cards to the tellers. Also, I hope your readers note that when Our Sainted Leader went to Rome to cultivate Catholic votes (which is rank hypocrisy because the Protestant Bush family loath Catholics and George is no exception) he was loudly and universally booed when his simian face appeared on the large television screens at St. Peter’s square. Our precious, controlled media covered it up but everyone else in the world saw it. Bush looked shocked because his staff insulates him against the fact that George is hated by very many people. I was told by a SS man that security forces in Rome went to extraordinary lengths to protect him.

I have something of interest on that subject. Some of his security men found an old manual in the National Archives that was prepared by the Nazi Gestapo and setting down all the methods that the RSD used to protect Adolf Hitler. Seems our Guardians of the Second Son of God loved it and copied the entire book , chapter and verse and then tried to suppress the public viewing of the original. I have a copy, in German, and will translate it for the edification of your readers. After all, it is a historical document, not a new one, and I can do this. The German security people commented on all of this and one member of the German protective forces was “admonished” because he gave the Hitler salute when Bush roared past at top speed in his armored car with hundreds of guards surrounding him. That would have been something to see! I wonder, did Bush return the salute? He would look so chic with a little moustache, wouldn’t he? And Karl could dress up like fat Hermann Goering and wear plenty of medals.”

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