Fiction as Journalism

In the wake of a meeting he addressed at Britain’s House of Lords, yesterday’s Times launched a libellous attack on writer Israel Shamir. Penned by Stephen Pollard, it was fraught with untruths and is reprinted in part, below, along with this website’s comments in italic.

Lord Ahmed’s unwelcome guest
Stephen Pollard – The Times April 7, 2005

“A term has returned to the lexicon of political debate in recent months; a term for which, in a decent world, we should have no need. That term is “anti-Semitism”…

On February 23, Lord Ahmed hosted a book launch in the House of Lords for a man going by the name of Israel Shamir. “Israel Shamir” is, in fact, a Swedish-domiciled anti-Semite also known as Jöran Jermas.”

Here Pollard begins his work of character assassination using half-truths, careful omissions and downright lies. For example, far from living in Sweden, Israel Shamir usually resides in the Israeli town of Jaffa, as even the most cursory research would have revealed. As would the fact that Shamir is also descended from a long line of prominent Rabbis and Jewish intellectuals.

However Pollard does not mention any of this, nor does he mention that Shamir is a former Israeli paratrooper who fought in the 1973 Yom Kippur War under the command of Ariel Sharon. Instead Pollard implies that Shamir, “also known as Jöran Jermas”, is an impostor and a “rabid anti-Semite”.

Pollard continues:

“The gist of Shamir/Jermas’s speech at the meeting (which Pollard did not attend but which this writer did) can be gleaned from its title, “Jews and the Empire”. It included observations such as: “All the [political] parties are Zionist-infiltrated.” “Your newspapers belong to Zionists . . .”

As indeed does the Times, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, a known Zionist who is said to exert dictatorial control over his editors. Which is maybe why the Times published Pollard’s libellous article in the first place.

He continues:

“Why would Lord Ahmed have hosted such a man in the Lords? It is, of course, possible that Lord Ahmed had no idea that Shamir/Jermas was a rabid anti-Semite. Yet it takes only a quick Google to discover his views and background. He has worked for Zavtra, Russia’s most anti-Semitic publication, and is allied with the Vanguard News Network, set up by an American, Alex Linder — a man so extreme that he was even ostracised by the US neo-Nazi National Alliance.”

Here Pollard is very selective in his use of the Internet and in using Shamir’s employment record; making no mention of the fact that Shamir also worked for Israeli national radio, the BBC and the Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz. Pollard omits this, even though it is clear from a brief visit to his website, because mentioning it would undermine the fiction he is trying to create of “Shamir/Jermas” being neo-Nazi resident of Sweden.

Pollard continues:

“If, however, Lord Ahmed does feel that he made a mistake in inviting him, he has yet to demonstrate it. Shamir/Jermas’s speech was made nearly two months ago. On learning of its contents, I wrote to Lord Ahmed, asking him two questions. Did he consider the invitation to have been a mistake? Did he condemn the remarks? He did not reply.

Yesterday, I phoned him. When I told him that I planned to write a piece drawing attention to his actions in hosting Shamir/Jermas and that I wanted to give him every opportunity to respond, he replied: “I am not even going to speak with you.” He then put the phone down”.,,173-1557932,00.html

And who can blame him? For Pollard displays all the traits that have caused journalists to be likened to “intellectual prostitutes”, ready to do the bidding of rich newspaper owners without any regard for the truth. Here he reports on a book presentation he did not attend, to a mixed crowd of Muslims, Jews and Christians all searching for peace in the Middle East. A book written by a man Pollard describes as a “rabid anti-Semite”, without mentioning his true origins or the fact that a former speaker from the Israeli Knesset also addressed the same book presentation. Nor does Pollard mention that Shamir also worked in the Knesset himeself as the spokesman for the Israel Socialist Party.

None of this is mentioned by Pollard because it would undermine the fiction he is trying spin: a story about “anti-Semitism” which masquerades as journalism. Like a growing number of Jews, Shamir is speaking out against the injustice perpetrated by Zionism, a political body that has effectively hijacked Judaism for its own purposes. Which is why Pollard never once refers to Shamir’s origins or background. To do so would completely undercut his arguement and expose him for the liar he is.

See a full transcript of Shamir’s address at the House of Lords in ‘Jews and the Empire’.