Magnets, Ballast and Millstones in Life

Smoking Mirrors – July 22, 2011

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Looking at the news today, I was deluged with things to write about, to the degree that I can hardly write about any of them. It is hard to imagine that the Israeli world influence through the media, military, politics, judiciary and law enforcement, not to mention political correctness, can be responsible for all of the things we see and hear about. It’s a mind boggling concept. At the same time, it’s falling down around their ears. The more control they seek to exercise, the less control they seem to have. Rupert Murdoch’s control and manipulation of world information seemed unassailable. Now, his whole operation is in deep shit. All of those in power at present are scrambling like disturbed ants, seeking to protect the muckraker, since so much of the muck attaches to them.

On the one side you have the disturbed ants and on the other side you have a swarm of angry bees. In the meantime, you have a rage of hot spot volcanoes around the world, where the news and perception of it needs to be managed. You have military adventurism and economic piracy, like cosmic Ebola eating away the face of the formerly recognizable Earth. In the middle of the dinner rush hour, the chef and his assistants are drunk and the stove tops and ovens are hissing, spitting and smoking, while the atmosphere migrates into the dining area and out into the streets.

There’s a key feature to all of this that makes no kind of sense. The psychopathic elite have a vested interest in managing perception and conditions and not only are they not managing them, they are exposing themselves to an ancient wrath that is going to be coming and looking for their heads.

The more I look at everything and there’s a lot of everything to look at, the more I come to the same inescapable conclusions. No matter how many ways I turn the situation around in my mind’s eye, it always comes back to the same thing, based on the way I view things, which is shared by some, rejected by others and ignored by the greater masses, which are the main resource of ignorance that allows all of the madness to flourish in the first place. It is those most easily seduced by anything they are told that makes possible the sustenance of an enduring edifice of lies that have surrounded us for a very long time. For some reason that edifice is crumbling, even as it is being daily reinforced by those who cannot accomplish everything they need to accomplish at the same time.

I believe in the force and power of cosmic justice and the possession of the means and ability by the cosmos to transform anything it chooses to, anytime it wants to. Because certain stages of existence; certain scenarios continue over long stretches of time, most people by into the status quo of the same old same old lumbering by like as seemingly immortal engine of redundancy; repeating itself forever and ever, or long enough that it feels that way. When cosmic change suddenly hits, because the cosmic clock has arrived at the appointed hour, there comes a vast uncertainty into the minds of those whose collective focus was responsible for all of the ways that everything had been for such a long time. It hammers down on the good, the evil and the indifferent. Most people can’t get a handle on what is happening because the source of change is a mystery to them.

I can only look at the world and myself in respect of what has happened to me in the time I’ve been here and whatever meaning I have taken from it. Since my life has been supernatural in many ways, I see things in a supernatural setting. I haven’t spent my life working in a cubicle for years, strolling through malls and markets and engaging in the common pursuits; as if they were the sum total of what life had to offer. I’ve been to all of those places and done all of those things but the force of these routines has not confined me in a place where I have accepted these things as the definition of what life is about. For me, life is about escaping from these routines or being eaten by them.  For me, the point has been to arrive at a deeper seeing and understanding of conditions and routines, not a deeper immersion in them.

It amazes me that people can watch TV; go to the movies, read books, engage in their own real life dramas, observe the lives of those around them and not see that they are on TV, in a movie and a book that has all of the same features subjectively and are shown to them objectively. Movies and television productions have actors who operate according to a plot structure. They also have a producer and a director as well as any number of lesser minions or myrmidons who carry out the robot work that makes production what it is. I suppose you can call them angels or demons depending exclusively upon their motives for operation. You don’t have to be religious to see it like this because I can explain it all in temporal terms as well as scientific terms and so can many of you.

The thing that makes me most curious is the resistance in the minds of most people to see life as a construction in the mind of the cosmos, with a very definite point to it; even those who accept the possibility of this, very often to not live as if it were actually so. They maintain themselves in a state of dangerous acquiescence; a  sort of twilight slumber, where they are content to have the conditions determine their courses and positions. I would think making personal contact with the director would be the thing.

Here’s my point. Things are not making sense BECAUSE there is a director. This is why evil is having so much trouble being triumphant, after so much time spent in a role that looked like it was going to be a win for the anti-hero, in what has certainly been a long running cinema noir, courtesy of Kali Yuga. What people don’t seem to get it that there’s a defining purpose to every Yuga and though evil may predominate and proliferate more in one Yuga than another, the same rules apply. You’re just more likely to get sucked in during one Yuga than another but it makes your prospects for advancement so much greater if you can do it in a time of darkness instead of a time of greater light. Degree of difficulty has a lot to do with the rate of progress and the level it is possible to reach. Kali Yuga is the time of greatest opportunity. That is why there are so many people here. Everyone knows this at a certain level of their being but the sucking power of darkness and illusion is so great that they soon forget why they came.

There is never any doubt about the outcome of it all. There is only doubt about where you’re going to wind up, based on associations and efforts made in the mix and the attendant attachments that are generated by them, which become heavy weights in the sea of existence, as the waters are churned. There’s no doubt in the cosmic mind about the outcome. There is only doubt in the separated mind that isn’t on intimate terms with the director, which turns out to be the whole point of the production. Scientists and mathematicians have already come to a number of astonishing conclusions, which mirror this in another way. From this perspective it all makes sense. From the perspective of the separated mind it makes no sense because it endangers everything the separated self believes to be real but there is no separated self. That is the primary illusion. You are no apart from it. You are a part of it.

The source of our suffering is our attachment to things, conditions and anticipated results. Every major teacher of humanity has echoed this. What’s the big difficulty about getting it? That’s the question that needs to be resolved and until it is, we struggle in the mix. The potential for growth and advancement is electrifying. If there was ever a time for carpe diem, this is the day. I try to see all of my disappointments and failures in this light. Sometimes failure is success. We don’t realize, most of the time, what a profound effect all of the blandishments and pressures of the world have upon us. We don’t recognize how deep it goes until we begin to climb out of it.

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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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