Voice of the White House April 2, 2005

“Today, I would like to discuss how the news is both censored and controlled by Karl Rove. It has now become very apparent that the American mass media is under a tight rein and publishes nothing but canned material. Economic disasters throughout the world, threatening political and economic attacks on the United States, domestic failures and much more are deliberately concealed by two means: They are not ever discussed in the mainline media and the public, which is too stupid and too lazy to read many informative foreign news sites, are deliberately distracted with pap and nonsense. If it wasn’t the Lacy Peterson Story, it was the Michael Jackson mess or the Tsunami in Indonesian waters , the tasteless Terri the Turnip matter and now we have the Dead Pope story to keep the trailer-park boobies entertained. The dollar is tanking with disastrous results, oil is drying up solely because of Bush’s crude and militant actions and various countries I shall not name, but certainly know about, have banded together to economically shaft Bush. Of course he cannot respond by bombing Venezuela and inviting his proto-fascist friends in Columbia to march in and run their oil fields for Mobil simply because he has run out of expendable young men to lead to the international slaughter.

Others are taking note that the United States has become a toothless tiger and are acting accordingly.

That Bush and his Evil Dwarf, Fat Karl the Eunuch are solely responsible for all of this never manages to get through the glittering media circus and the American people will wake up some day to $5.00 a gallon gas and guess how much heating oil will cost this winter? The airlines are collapsing along with General Motors, the idiot new housing bubble will burst just like the idiot dot com boom and all the newly-rich real estate agents, banks and others with a vested interest will join the stockbrokers with Swiss bank accounts who swindled all of the public with their dot com rigged stocks. Eventually, Bush will have to leave the White House and he, Fat Karl, Laura and others who have been steadily looting the rest of us will move to mansions in Costa Rica and laugh themselves to sleep. The rest of us will be eating toe jam sandwiches, without the bread, and coping with the remnants of hysterical religious freaks who will be in a state of denial because their Blessed Jesus hasn’t airlifted them to heaven. You get what you pay for and for me, the moaning from the trailer parks and Pentecostal warehouses and Ascension Parlors will be music to my ears.”

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