Rupert Murdoch Dogpaddles over the Cosmic Sewer

Smoking Mirrors – July 19, 2011

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

“May your noses always be spared the stench of Rupert Murdoch’

My apologies for no Visible Origami this morning; as I am completing the book, Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World, that particular energy is going in that direction this week and we’ll be back next week with the regular rotation, including Profiles in Evil, which has been slumbering in lieu of motivation.

Rupert Murdoch is going down. He’s going down planetary wise and he is going down soul wise; ‘down, down to the bottom’. Israel’s main agent in the satanic hierarchy is dogpaddling over the suckhole of the cosmic sewer. Ordinarily, the status quo would be in quid pro quo mode but Rupert has made too many enemies among the other bad guys and that brings me to Anonymous and LulzSec (please do not hack me for telling the truth). Rupert, chief demon freak from the bathhouses of Hell is only one part of the equation; CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, MSN and a host of other lying, disinfo spewing, sewer rat enclaves are equally culpable, as are the majority of world governments and their administrative, legislative and judicial branches; which is the same thing, now that I think about it.

Until Anonymous and LulzSec go after the Israeli infiltration aspect of the global game scenario they are simply mining the cave perimeter and not going after the beast within. Behind all of the evil of the day are the banks, which are under the general control of Israel. They need to stop defending Wikileaks, which is also an arm of the Israeli lie machine that has the whole Middle East under assault and is the main drain on world economies. I applaud the courageous operatives in these covert hacking efforts but they are missing the point. They should be replacing the headlines of the hacked media with tales about the Holocaust Blackmail scam and the direct relationship between Israel and the commission of the 9/11 attacks.

Here’s direct and irrefutable truth; Israel has no right to exist and Israel did 9/11 and Israel is behind all of the present wars in operation. Israel is behind the vicious predatory activities of the banks of the world and Israel is the main agent of the ancient darkness that performs all of the mischief and mayhem in and around us.

Rupert is going to be implicated in paying off foreign police services and also hacking the 9/11 relatives. This will result in the loss of all of his licenses but it’s not going to do much about all of that media being transferred into the hands of a proxy. Meanwhile a massive typhoon is bearing down on Japan.

If it were just a matter of the fine but not comprehensive efforts of Anonymous and all of the rest of us that labor in the poisoned vineyards of the present day, we would be found short of what is needed to accomplish what must be done. However, the cosmos resides within the being and consciousness of every living thing and it can preempt the shadow rulership, within each and every one of us at any time; just as it can switch off and reroute the power in any of us at any time. That means Howdy Doody, the bloodstained Home Boy and all of his men, along with the doomed Humpty Dumpty. You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs but you can damn sure fry it up on the sidewalks of the Mid-West at moment.

I realize there are a lot of cynics out there, whose cynicism can be measured according to the degree of their disconnect from the cosmic imperative. Your cynicism is a direct expression of your lack of faith in the cosmic order, which is perfect and in motion. Tell me I haven’t been right, generally all along the way. Tell me it isn’t trending as I have been at pains to declare. Is it suddenly going to make a “right turn Clyde”? It’s not. It’s going to accelerate and increase in force, just like its doing. I mentioned that this is the year and so it is. Who could have imagined that the most powerful, visible, scumbag on the planet would be in the hot seat this moment?

Rothschild shill Alex Jones is following orders, dogpaddling alongside Rupert, sniffing out the devil’s posterior for some deep lung, French kissing osculation of the aforementioned; the things people will do for money and the illusion of personal power is a vomit inducing spectacle of the first order. Rupert, The Rothschild’s, Alex Jones and all the rest of the damned crew are going to be vacationing in their new residences soon enough, side by side, singing in dissonant screams, hanging from hooks and skewers over firepits. If you don’t think it’s a lot like this, only more creative, then you haven’t studied much religious art from around the world.

This is The Apocalypse people and it is ingeniously complex in application, as it is simple in intent. The veils are lifting from the eyes of every living thing. Distant trumpets are sounding. The Earth is moving. The wind is wailing. The day approaches when even the Earth may stand still for a time before it reverses itself; that’s speculative but nothing is beyond the range of possibility. To each awakening comes a motivation for action, dependent upon the state of awareness of those affected. In some cases it means spontaneous mob engagements. In some cases it means a serene awakening, into newly opened dimensions of transcendent being. It’s everything you are, measured against your potential and your karma. You can do something about your karma, according to your capacity for release. All the stops have been pulled for the willing and able. Give it your best shot; give it everything you got, right now is the time to start if you’re willing and able. Hitch your wagon to a star! You’re a whole lot better than you think you are, oh yeah. You’re out there hustling your jewels in the street; cold blooded jams to make enough to eat, troubles come your way, baby that don’t matter, give it your best shot it only gets better; says Visible, breaking into song.

Watch and witness and record. You are living in remarkable times and every day is going to bring new indication of that. Strive hard, up and in, meet it in its descent upon you and wipe the dream dust from your eyes. Do not become like those who will not awaken and who support all that has been done to them and to you. You’re in ‘twinkling of an eye’ territory. Some will listen and some will see and some will not but everyone will feel. Those who cannot hear must feel. It’s whatever it takes and you’ve got what it takes. There are no accidents and no innocent bystanders. Everyone is where they are because of where they were. Not being able to see the other side of the Mobius Strip, is your biggest hindrance to understanding. Mind the schadenfreude.

Alright then, we’ve said our piece and you’ll do your part depending on the soundtrack in your hearts and minds. Remember that it has taken so long and involved such an astounding complexity, in order to force the predators from their lairs and into the light of day. They have been lured from their secret castles and too far in advance of the supply wagons for good reason. Enjoy the show and… mind the schadenfreude.

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