Global Crisis Part One


This book started with my keen interest in climate change and associated financial issues. This interest was soon supplemented by the advent of the coming peak oil crisis that is daily becoming a reality. Then 9/11 happened and I began to see a larger more menacing picture materialise that I believe has heralded the start of World War III and the emergence of a truly terrifying global superpower that knows no bounds. I think that we are indeed living in very dangerous times and that a full blown Global Crisis is almost upon us.

Every chapter of the book builds on ten major facets of this crisis, each and every one of these in themselves is worthy of a book. However, it’s the combination of all these events simultaneously in space and time that I think will bring the planet and its inhabitants to a very sad end if nothing is done and soon.

Peak Oil

The planet may have already passed “peak oil” or if not then it will imminently, probably within the next few years and definitely before 2020. The smart money is on 2007. Either way, the implications are catastrophic as the entire world heavily relies on oil for energy, transportation not to mention agriculture and a world without it cannot be conceived. Yet it will happen, it’s just a matter of timing. The powers that be have known of this certainty for decades yet little has been done to transition from carbon to non-carbon technology. The deployment of renewable systems (solar, wind, wave) is sadly too little and too late. These technologies should have been implemented at least a decade ago on a global scale. What will happen is once the peak is reached and acknowledged there will be (and is already) an almighty scramble for the remaining recoverable oil, leading to resource conflicts in key geo-political regions (i.e. Middle East) followed by an inevitable economic and social decline caused by the largest recession the world has ever seen. It could be argued that this process has already started.

Climate Change

If “peak oil” were not enough to worry about, then the associated cataclysm of climate change brought on by the burning of the first half of the world’s oil supplies, surely will focus the minds of governments and UN agencies alike. The latest model predictions estimate a potential global average warming of between 2-11 C by 2100 which will definitely result in some serious impacts. Already the poles are visibly melting and if left unchecked could lead to some serious sea-level rises and associated coastal flooding, not good if you are one of the 800 million potentially at risk. The weakening of the Atlantic Gulf Stream that keeps the UK temperate may ironically plunge northern Europe into a mini ice-age, while equatorial countries will be burned to cinders. The Amazon rainforest will be officially dead by 2070 if the temperatures keep rising, having major implications for oxygen production for the planet. The oceans are also dying due to accelerated acidification. Food supplies from land and sea will thus be a real issue and may result in serious famines.


Natural resources such as wood, water and soil are being depleted or polluted at ever increasing rates due to over consumption and industrialisation. The Earth has already exceeded its natural carrying capacity in that we actually need a second planet’s worth of resources to keep the present expanding population in the style to which it has become accustomed. Clearly life is presently unsustainable and will soon reach a “tipping point” probably triggered by either “peak oil” or catastrophic climate change.

Energy Technologies

With the proximity of a peak oil scenario and growing climate threats one would reasonably have thought that the major governments of the world would have a “Plan B” for a replacement energy source in place. Well if there is it is being kept well hidden. There are traces of new technologies in the research labs of the world, but none other than renewable energy is being commercially developed. This could mean one of two things; either there is no replacement technology and we will seriously suffer as oil runs out, or there is a technology, such as zero-point energy, that will be rolled out just in time or even after the crisis has fully hit. Either way there will be serious human collateral damage.

Financial System

The resulting effect of all these major events can mean only one thing for the world’s financial system and that is a collapse, whether controlled or uncontrolled. We are already seeing the collapse of the dollar and the emergence of the euro, which I think will lead to a new (merged) global currency such as the Euro-dollar. This will be allowed to happen once the existing systems have disappeared due to financial pressures brought on by peak oil and climate change and the associated resource wars. A new financial system will thus emerge, probably based around a new world government and associated global structures (army, judiciary, religion). The New World Order will thus come of age through a series of global crisis of natural and man-made origin.

The War on Terror

The event, that if nothing else in historical terms defines this new era, occurred on 9/11/01. This was the manipulated “trigger” that covertly and subtly forced the world into World War III, although it has been branded as the “War on Terror”. There are too many anomalies concerning the events surrounding 9/11 for it to be anything other that a masterly military attack perpetrated by individuals deep within the Bush administration. The main reasons for 9/11 result from the implications of peak oil and the ensuing collapse of the US economy. A mad dash for the oil fields of the Middle East has been choreographed under the auspices of anti-terrorism and as a secondary effect a military strait-jacket has been placed around the emerging super-power China. This will ultimately end in a major conflagration between the current superpower and the new pretender in the fight over oil. Other events such as SARS under the guise of bird-flu will probably emerge as reasons to attack each other, but either way I think the next major event will go nuclear. The repercussions for the world are truly frightening.

UFO Cover-up

Behind all this there is another major story that has yet to be truly exposed; that of the UFO cover-up. It appears that the USA have been developing anti-gravity technology based on captured spacecraft for decades and this may go a long way to explaining the apparent ambivalence about climate change and peak oil issues. If such a technology does exist and is in the hands of the US military, then the next wars will be fought from space and will be devastating in their impacts to those on the ground.

New World Order

Emerging out of all this chaos will be a truly global world government (based on the UN) with a global army (based on NATO) and global judiciary and global bank with an associated global currency. Total control of the planet and its population will be the result of all these crises, probably with a much reduced population.

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