ANONYMOUS, Just Another Element of Controlled Opposition

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For July 17, 2011

Vladamir Ulyanov/Lenin, the bisexual syphilitic Satanist, mass murderer and multi-millionaire customer of Swiss Banking establishments, famously said that “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

The forces of globalism, led by Judeo-Masonic international bankers, have all the resources necessary to do exactly this and do so quite effectively.

Anyone who has been involved in the ‘9/11 Truth’ movement will be have become aware of leading presences within this ‘resistance’ that have no interest whatsoever in creating effective (or even embarrassing) difficulties for the powers-that-be.

‘Stop The War’ will not speak a word about 9/11. This tells you all you need to know. As Paul Craig Roberts says, “Trying to oppose the consequences of an event whose explanation you accept is an impossible task.”

‘Stop The War’ are government shills and their silence over Libya is deafening.

Likewise for ‘7/7 Truth’.

J7, while exposing all the anomalies in available evidence, shy away from stating the obvious. They will not accuse. This organisation’s anger is reserved for and directed towards other 7/7 activists (who might be forgiven for imagining they were ‘on the same side’ as J7….but find they are not).

Genuine opposition (and J7 target) Muad’Dib, maker of 7/7 The Ripple Effect, was put in prison for the entire duration of the recent 7/7 Inquest.

This is what you find. Individuals who offer genuine and effective opposition like Nick Kollerstrom (sacked from his university post) and Christopher Bollyn (attacked in his own home) are made to suffer.

So what are we to make of ‘Anonymous’, who have just released a video ‘declaring war on the system’ (use link or see video below).

They look like Wikileaks to me. A ‘limited hangout’ security services operation designed to deceive the masses (of angry youth, particularly) into thinking this operation can change the corrupt system and that you too can join in by tapping your keyboards (…….OK, I know).

There are a couple of give-aways in their branding of themselves, in my opinion.

Firstly, the use of the masked man from ‘V’. Part of this major Hollywood production was filmed on the London Underground mere days before it was bombed and 52 British citizens were murdered in a false-flag attack by agents of the Satanic state. As uplifting emotionally as this film might have been it was coming from within the power nexus.

Secondly, ‘Anonymous’ brands itself using the catchphrase “We are Legion“.

To put it kindly, this is peculiarly poorly chosen. In the New Testament “Legion” refers to the demons cast out by Christ from the possessed man and into the Gadarene swine that then hurled themselves over a nearby cliff.

Why would an organisation determined to oppose criminal banksters and politicians brand themselves as Legion, i.e. ‘demons’ or ‘Servants of Satan’?

Is this an organisation aimed at the under-25’s whose education has been such that they are not expected to notice.

Perhaps if we really want to oppose the Satanists that govern us, we should find Christ.

The Christ that the Christian Churches have abandoned.

The Christ that drove the moneychangers from the temple and warned the Jews against following the supremacist satanist Pharisees whose only God is power for their collective self. These people have renamed their religion as ‘Orthodox Judaism’. They have created a parallel Gentile religion called Freemasonry and these are the religions of the enemy that controls just about everything we see around us…..through its control of the issuance of money and its ownership of nearly all that organs of information that influence our thinking.

These enemies of Christ are the opposition. ‘Anonymous’ look like just another bunch of their employees.


Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

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