American Karma – The Boomerang of Death

Zen Gardner – Before It’s News July 17, 2011

When you look at the carnage in our world..not the accidental or incidental episodes, but the state sponsored mega death rituals we continually watch, don’t you wonder?

Who can stomach this kind of senseless murder and maiming of innocents? We’re told there’s this marauding band of super evil terrorists just waiting to inflict harm on “us innocent bystanders”. (Remember, this is all according to what we’re told.)

So what’s the apparent response?

Inflict senseless murder and maiming of innocents as “collateral damage” to arrest this vast charge of invading murderers.

Sound fishy To You?

Yeah, obviously. But does anyone say anything anymore? And if so, who and how many? And do you even hear about it?


The clicker is counting. The grains of sand keep falling, and the karma keeps building. It’s been said, “If America doesn’t get punished, God will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah…”. Resonate with you?

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