Dog Poet Transmitting the Apocalypse

Smoking Mirrors – July 16, 2011

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

‘Some dogs sleep easy where angels fear to tread’

Do you think that there was someone around on the day that Arch-Duke Ferdie was killed, or near Fort Sumter, overlooking any other example or maybe today, who said, “I think it’s time to get out of Dodge”? It’s probably so then as it is certainly so now, given my reaction and maybe your reaction to this heroic “one toke over the line sweet Jesus

Before I get started, let me give you one small piece of all the good news that is coming in this mini golden age. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what is coming over the horizon. You need to keep in mind that with all the bad that we have had to witness and uncover on our long road to the moment, within the always, right now, moment that is all that there ever is, echoing to either side of it that really good things are coming for what is to follow and occur in this moment.

Listening to Gordon Duff this morning put me in mind of what I have been waiting to hear for a long time. It’s not like any of it is new to me, it’s just that it has never been laid out so simply and directly with so many implication concerning fabricated history, which will be one of the next things to begin to surface and make all that looting of the Baghdad museum and reburying of stolen relics for future discovery futile. Without saying anything about it, Gordon have opened a door that has been sealed with crazy glue law upon the eyelids of the world but… this is The Apocalypse and here comes the solvent. Keeping in mind Solve et Coagulae and keeping in mind the tattoo of the same on the devil’s forearm, since he works for the whole cosmic process too.

People usually approach things backwards. They go looking for god as some solution to the disturbance without checking for the source of the problem in the first place. This is where you get people covering their tracks and all attendant mischief. The nature of evil is to disguise itself and to reveal itself for the purpose of evil which is what evil is all about and… which is how and why evil destroys itself and chews off its own foot and throws its children into the fire. This is just one example of conditions resulting from evil behavior where evil has no choice but to reveal itself because otherwise only good can come out of it (spew). Am I making any sense? Some to some and degrees of none to the rest depending on what they expect regarding whatever their investment is. Heh heh, I didn’t know I was this good at math. It’s some kind of idiot savant thing; not to be confused with savate, which is kind of how I deal with it personally.

The thing with a ‘whole ball of wax’ is that it melts. It’s the same thing with The Wonderful One Horse Shay and The Road to Mandalay and even the sacred rivers of Kublai Khan. I’m sitting right here on the banks of the Alph Rivet right now, contemplating those caverns measureless to man as they flow to a sunless sea. The sea flows, the wax melts, the wonderful one horse shay collapses and somewhere I know that Rudyard Kipling is kissing an earthen idol’s foot that they call the great god Bud on the road to Mandalay.

Everything happens for a reason and it fits the boundaryless non confines of the poet, as it fits the schematic of the mathematician, tool and die man and the machinations of satanic publishers like Rupert Murdoch. The principle is the same but the results are different. This is why I continue to maintain that the system of Masonry is not evil, nor that all Jews are bad, cause it isn’t and they aren’t. Indeed the salvation of many things lies in the diametrical oppositions of the thing within it. Take a look at what brought down apartheid in South Africa and the American Civil Rights movement and forget about the co-opting, ‘we will control the opposition’ thing for the moment. Kipling has been reviled for things like ‘the white man’s burden’ but we now go back to what I was saying about people approaching things backwards.

The reason most people approach things backwards and can be most easily deceived is because when you are born you seen things upside down. Maybe you should study how cameras work and why you have a hard time walking to begin with and don’t get me started on bicycles or fishes who ride them because, since I don’t know anything, I am in a position to have a great many theories and I am a poet after all; rendering me useless for most things that have to do with manufacturing objects of desire but certainly I have no problem imagining them, or deciding which ones I appreciate. That is the realm of poets and I suppose they get their reward because the poet who made the most money in history would have to be Rod McKuen (grin) and now I think I know why Alan Ginsberg disliked me so much; just got a big personal insight flash while I was writing this. Could that be why Elvis Presley picked me up when I was hitchhiking? I digress. I digress because I am talking all around something.

Knock, knock? Or is it, “I stand at the door and knock? Or is that you have to ‘invite’ a vampire across your threshold? Evil has defined limits and you are the one who draws the boundaries down to a sunless sea. Oh right, “who’s there”/ “It’s the pizza you ordered Mr. Visible. Here’s your pizza from Hell. It’s got the hog nostrils sliced real thin, just the way you like them”. Now that’s what I call Carpaccio, except that visible is a fishertarian and he definitely doesn’t eat pig because of who is likely to reincarnate there and also because he only eats what he would go and get himself if he had to. If I’m not going to stick the knife into it, I have no right to eat it and I have to remember that I shouldn’t mind if it eats me. Does this mean I’m going to sleep with the fishes? Did Jesus? Am I digressing? Are you stupid or just stoned?

I could almost say go get yourself a bumper sticker that says, “My best friend is The Apocalypse”. The Apocalypse is everybody’s best friend. It’s even evil’s best friend because it makes it possible for evil to get the credit for all of its work; not in the same way as if it were good but credit all the same, credit where credit is due and… this means you, whoever you are. Come hail or fire rain or storm, just like the postman getting through and going postal the mail gets delivered to your door down to the last jot and tittle.

This is a serious song, coming from the real Sirius Network and it’s as real as the saucer pod being as you are the saucer pod; not that there are not real saucer pods, because there are and you’ll be seeing some of that too. This Khumba Mela, Jambalaya is a special deal and meal and it doesn’t come around nearly as much as so as to make blue moon’s look like an epidemic. It’s as rare as genuine tears on the face of a banker and you’ll probably see some of those too; mind the schadenfreude because it could have been you.

Thank you Gordon and the rest of you who are about to hop on the bandwagon or have been here all along, like some of us and thank you world for waking up and thank you evil for giving us someone to point the finger at and harry through the marketplace with whips and scourges. Thank you Rupert Murdoch for being a world class sonofabitch and thank you most of all, Mr. Apocalypse for being the rainman when we needed one.

End Transmission…….

I think we all need, More Light and would someone please tell Willie Nelson he needs to record this. I got tired of waiting around on Maui to run into him with all the people who didn’t want me to meet him.

Radio show Sunday, same time, same place.


Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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