United Nations Compares Racial Pride to ‘Growing Virus’

Controversial UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan compared ethnic nationalism and racial pride to a “growing virus” yesterday in a press release issued by the United Nations News service to mark the “International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.” The international governing body is urging a “global assault” on racial identity, and hate crime panel sessions have been formed under the disguise of human rights.

“No one can be neutral in the fight against such intolerance,” Annan declared in a message put forth to the UN’s General Assembly.

Absent from the feverish message was any mention of the disastrous affects that mislabeled “intolerance laws” have on free speech and free expression, concepts which protect historians, scholars, and dissidents who seek to report and publish historical facts and social truths – often pointing to Israeli abuses of enslaved Palestinians, and organized Jewish groups that seek to dismantle healthy racial identification, which they exclusively reserve for themselves.

Much of the focus of the current UN campaign is aimed at Internet censorship in an attempt to silence dissidents who are exposing the truths about Jewish-Zionist power. Commenting on the rapid growth of the Internet used as a platform by independent journalists and investigative researchers to publicize their message, Annan announced, “The Internet is used for the propagation of racism.”

In contrast to the Secretary-General’s opinion, European nationalists claim the Internet is the only medium available for truth-telling today, as many revered writers, authors, and political activists have been silenced or barred from traditional forms of media and academic institutions. Many supporters of free speech are requesting that governing bodies should not interfere with the latest frontier of free expression.

Jewish groups are pleased with the UN’s latest effort that excuses Jewish supremacism and marginalizes the ethnic and racial identity of Europeans. Late last year, Israel’s permanent deputy to the United Nations, Arye Mekel, scornfully rebuked the UN for their lax approach at combating “anti-Semitism,” and urged the governing body to do more. “We hope that the secretary-general will use this platform to announce concrete steps that the UN is ready to take in order to fight anti-Semitism,” Arye said.

Prompted by repeated calls from Jewish groups for UN action, Annan was quick to point out that alleged anti-Semitism, Jewish supremacist code-words for any criticism of Israel or Jewish power, was a motivating factor of the current international crusade: “Even anti-Semitism is once again rearing its ugly head. in which the entire world saw the barbaric extremes to which racism, if not confronted, can lead.”

Patriotic Europeans and those of European descent are continuing to stress to governments world-wide that they are the real victims due to organized Jewry’s assault on their racial identity, which has been denied them due to political pressure from Jewish organizations like the Anti-Defamation League.