Satan and Holocaust

Our view of Satan and his plans – especially his tactics – is often quite naive. We tend to recognize him primarily in persecution and outright heresy. We tend to evaluate his methods as “short-term” efforts and are blind to the “long-term” purpose he pursues. But he is a subtle and cunning creature. He has more time to work with and is more patient than we generally believe. He can wait to see the seeds he has sown sprout.

An example is Nazi Germany and the persecution of the Jews. Of course one is rightly shocked at the fury of the persecution and all the horror and injustice it involved. It was a terrible and totally inexcusable act of barbarity. And yet – and one almost fears to say this in the face of so much madness and indescribable suffering – was that all? Was Satan only active in his role as the roaring lion destroying the images of God he so hates?

Was he not pursuing a more sinister goal while at the same time wrecking this havoc? Was he not having his cake and eating it too?

Yes! I am convinced that the reason for what took place during World War II is to be found in the developments of our day and not in the immediate effects back then.

Judaism rejects Christ as the promised Old Testament fulfilment. Because Judaism as an ideology or as a religion is not the truth (just as Hinduism is not the truth) it is a lie. But what is the best way to defend a lie?

How about getting compassion and sympathy for it? How about defending it against discrimination?

Today it is next to impossible to criticise anything Jewish without it being brought into connection with the Holocaust and the criticizer being accused of Anti-Semitism. The Western World has become pro-Israel – and especially the Churches. Christians have bought into Jewishness at an alarmingly high rate and have increasingly given up Christian distinctions. (As a form of unconscious repentance for past acts of evil and injustice.)

The satanic purpose of the Holocaust was not primarily in the terrible destruction of human life in concentration camps, but more in the acceptance of non-Christian ideas today. [1] Back then it was confined to Germany. Today it is spread out over the Western World. This is the tactic of a genius, of a twisted and warped mind – a satanic mind. Nothing can now be said against ideological error – and especially not by Christians – because it will immediately be brought into connection with the horrors of the Holocaust.

The success of this tactic is so effective, that any other mentions of atrocities such as Stalin’s Russia and the millions of lives destroyed then are ignored or even condemned as mere distractions from the Holocaust!

Our present moral and social decline can be traced to movements and ideas from the 1960s. But the amazing thing is what went on before that time. If we for a moment leave the war itself and the Holocaust and the true political schemes and purposes of the Nazi government out of our considerations and deal with things the way the “man in the street” experienced life in Nazi Germany we will see that in many ways it was a “perfect world” (a “heile Welt”). This is confirmed again and again by people who lived back then. I am not talking about Nazi ideology. I am talking about day to day life as experienced by the average person. Even the years after the war, the 1950s, were in many ways a “heile Welt”.

If we compare that time with today we need to ask: What happened? How could the decadence of our present time grown out of that?

Why the increasing – not abating – occupation with Nazi Germany and its condemnation? (Not a day goes by where there is not some channel showing some documentation or discussion about it.)

Because at the same time the “heile Welt” aspects of that time are condemned together with the evil. Of course the Nazi ideology is evil and is to be rejected without compromise. (Adolf Hitler planned to deal with the Church and Christians after he had “solved” the Jewish “problem”.) Nevertheless there was a lot of good that had nothing at all to do with that ideology.

But one is not allowed to defend anything good from that period because it is condemned through association. In fact seeing anything good at all is classified as being duped by the propaganda of the time. Love of fatherland, family and so on is viewed suspiciously. Support for the homosexual agenda is justified by its persecution during the Nazi period (though enough Nazi officials were homosexual themselves!).

Things once held high, such as marriage, family life, faithfulness, morality and so on are being thrown overboard or their meaning drastically redefined. An appeal to “when times were better” cannot be made because that time has evil conjugations.

An open revolt against what is good is too easy to detect, but make the “good” into something “evil” and you become a crusader for justice and freedom.

Oh yes, Satan is much more intelligent than we give him credit for. It could well be that the seeds sown so long ago and which sprouted in the 60s are just now coming into blossom.

1. One hears the accussation at times, that the Holocaust took place in a Christian country, through Christians. Adolph Hitler’s ideology had nothing at all to do with Christianity and Christians were next on his list. What happened in Germany could only happen because the political leaders had rejected Christ as the truth.

Courtesy Israel Shamir