Gentile Jambalaya is on the Menu

Smoking Mirrors – July 13, 2011

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‘May your noses always be absent from the anti-pasta platter’.

If you’re planning to leave the US you had better think about doing it soon. If you’ve got one already you’re supposed to be able to renew it by mail but you have to send in the one you have, which means you won’t have one if they don’t send you one back. Nine years ago (or so) we went to Maui for the winter. We’d gone the year before as well. Susanne had washed my pants with my passport in it and they told me at US customs that I had to get another. I paid an extra hundred dollars to get my passport expedited, even though we were there for two months, I wanted to make sure all went well, since my passport was set to expire in a year or so. My passport never came. Finally it was a week before we left. I was on the phone a great deal to Honolulu, back and forth; back and forth it went. My passport showed up the day before we left. Plans had already been made for me to remain behind and deal with this. There was no question in my mind that they were messing with me. The capacity to mess with you is now greatly increased and shortly it will be much worse.

Homeland Security and the TSA (a division of Israeli Global Control) are hot to toss you into a blender and render you into cannibal chowder or Gentile Jambalaya. They were working on the recipe in the aftermath of Katrina. Few people are aware that Michael Brown, head of FEMA (another division of Israeli Global Control), worked in the food industry, prior to being made the figurehead of American disaster preparedness. What Bush had actually said to Brown was, “You’re cooking a heck of a stew, Brownie”. He used the flood waters in the city of New Orleans as the broth base for his award winning concoction (First Prize from Tel Aviv Culinary Institute) called Niggaz Hava Nagila. They had previously tenderized the flesh at the New Orleans Super Dome, through the application of intense heat and gang rape. It was the rage of the Israeli cabaret scene for a short time or until supplies ran out. Generally it was preceded with a soup; Consommé of Palestinian Child and a starter plate of Lebanese Mousse composed of the smaller victims of cluster bomb accidents. The Israeli’s are well of aware of the coming food and fuel shortages and have been preparing for a subsidized diet of human flesh, as well as locally refined gasoline made from the body parts of their neighbors. You’ll note the sudden emergence of Israeli Kebab stands appearing at your local malls.

It’s a little known fact that the Dead Sea Beauty Products being sold at the ‘fly by night’ mall kiosks are really flesh testing agents that are being applied to passing shoppers. Those who get the proper ph reading, receive samples with a tracking device implanted in the label. It’s a bar code kind of a thing. Harvesting takes place later on, once ‘the food’ has been further investigated for compliance with kosher law. Military gifted SWAT trucks from the Department of Defense (a division of Israeli Global Control) are being retrofitted as ambulatory kitchens and food processing units, all of which operate under the aegis of Operation Movable Feast, in conjunction with Heinz and The Smithfield Pork processing corporations (both are divisions of Israeli Global Control). I’ve got a recipe book but won’t be publishing any of the contents due to copyright issues.

People have been concerned for some time about all those coffins stacked up outside of Atlanta and all those Fema Camps that are being built around the country. They somehow think that these are for bodies from natural or manmade disasters, on the one hand, or concentration camps on the other. Actually they are for food transport, on the one hand (watch your fingers!) and livestock holding pens on the other. There are quite a few hungry Zionists on the American mainland and given the coming difficulties in the logistics of transport, it’s been decided to prepare the foodstuffs locally for local consumption.

The day is coming when you might find yourself at some pricey new Zionist eatery and have your food displayed for you in a crib or a glass cage, with the pedigree listed on the attending menu and you’ll be able to give directions to the chef for preparation, just like they do with lobsters presently. There’s even talk of teppanyaki style eateries and you can imagine what might happen there. A number of additional possibilities are under discussion, such as ‘eat the entertainer ‘nights. This consists of talent shows that take place before dining, while drinks are served. You can bid for the body of the entertainer performing if you don’t like their act, or maybe even if you do. There will be an endless stream of performers, extracted from FEMA food storage units, and… depending on the venue and their being told about what’s likely to happen, beforehand, it should all add something to the whole performance.

Many Zionists have been regaled since birth about the glory days of Berlin cabaret society and how they never realized their potential, due to unfortunate political events that transpired during that time. In kibbutzes, Chabad houses and social gatherings around the world, tales are told about what might have been and soon will be; nothing stirs the appetite like time and expectation. There have been any number of disappointments on the long road to legalized cannibalism and ‘anything goes’ legalized sexual imperatives, all in the name of freedom of being and expression. It’s been too damn bad that the rest of the world’s populations just haven’t gotten with the program or recognized what a significant part they play in it. People still think that the world wide organ harvesting that has been going on is all about replacing worn out parts in the forms of alien reptiles that burn through them at a high rate. Actually, it’s really just part of a global sweetbreads industry that caters to eateries at Red Sea resorts and other emporiums of fine dining; “what am I, chopped liver”? Hmmmmm, or is that Ummmmm? You have my apologies for the coffee sprayed on the keyboard.

Word has it that the reason Cindy Anthony was acquitted of the murder of her son, despite overwhelming evidence of her guilt, was that she was engaged in a covert culinary effort for new Mossad inductees. She was actually using the trunk of her car as a humidor to prepare a dish similar to rotted pheasant; the sort of thing you see hanging outside the hunting lodges of British Royals. Chloroform is apparently a seasoning which becomes highly active in confined quarters. How the authorities got involved in what was obviously nothing more than a kitchen experience gone wrong is unknown at this time. Cue Bill Withers; “Ain’t no bloodstains when he’s gone”.

Yes, you’re all on the menu, well, some of you are. The rest of you are probably mulch for genetic gardening experiments from the My Satan Corporation and… some version or another of all of this might well be true if it were not for the interference of the cosmos in the ‘best laid plans of mice and men” going, “gang aft agley”.  You see, where we are is in the midst of cosmic housecleaning and you have to look at the laundry, the fixtures and infrastructure to see what actually needs cleaning or not and this requires airing the dirty laundry, which is what is taking place at the moment; witness Rupert the dung slug’s dénouement, which is going to go a lot deeper and get a lot nastier than you might anticipate. Many wonders, comic, tragic and actually wonderful are on the slate for appearance, now and shortly.

Where we are is in a state of time confusion and this accounts for nothing happening when you expect it, while at the same time, appearing to be trundling along as it ever did, while defying the laws of gravity and attendant physics, in keeping itself propped up by nothing, in a state of suspension like the Jell-O that the Likudniks and neo-cons are having sex in. Sooner or later dissolution comes to all Jell-O in all flavors. This time confusion is created by the condition in which ordinary time has sped up while cosmic time remains unaffected, leaving you with that ‘twinkling of an eye’ and ‘thief in the night’ condition of impending something or other that just keeps impending until it looks like a waving appendage of a dead sea turtle floating in the new Sargasso Sea of The Gulf of Mexico. Outrage follows upon outrage and the Gobblegloom hovers with massive bat-wings of darkness in the corners and crevasses of the human mind, in a sort of ‘seeking whom he may devour” kind of way and you’ve got to be firm and stalwart and endure because sometimes endurance is all you have.

Endurance is one of the most underrated of qualities which is why, boys and girls, we went through all the crap we went through to cultivate it. A great many people have no endurance and that is why they are going to be “chaff in the wind” so to speak. The easy road is never the easy road and those who took it are finding out why, now that the easy road has turned into the hard road. Those of us who have walked the hard road don’t notice so much. It just looks like some highway we already walked under a midnight moon or alternatively pounded by sun and rain for a stretch that looked a lot smaller on the map when we started out. Don’t despair and don’t give up, help is on the way, even if the only place you are going to see it is inside.

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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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