Beware the Gobblegloom My Son

Visible Origami – July 12, 2011

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

I carried a pair of expensive sunglass lenses around for about 15 years in a paper container. Finally, last year, I had then put into some frames and I’ve been wearing them now and again. While returning from Italy I was unable to locate them at the hotel, which marks the halfway point in the journey. I searched the van in all the locations where I might have put them or where they might have fallen. I did this several times and then I said, “Well, it appears they are gone”. I just let them go and forgot about them. Today I went to drive Susanne and a friend up into the surrounding foothills so that they could walk back to the house with the dogs. I returned home and then realized I had forgotten to stop in town for something. When I got into the van after picking up the item, I looked at the floor and saw the glasses lying near the accelerator pedal. There’s no explanation for how this could have happened. That area was checked and so was every area that had any possible connection to it; through slippage or secretion, not that they had been secreted. Something is wrong with that sentence.

A few years ago, I had come back from a pub with some late night pub crawlers for continued conversation. Everyone in my house was out of town, except for Susanne’s mother who was fast asleep. I had taken these guests into the apartment below, where I had my office set up at the time and pretty soon they began to annoy me because they were drunk and getting rowdy. I had had enough and was right at the point of physically throwing one of them out of the door when the other fellow, seeing my intention and seeing that the other fellow wasn’t getting it; or didn’t think I was serious, which I was, ushered him out of the door. Shortly after, I could not locate my keys in order to get into the house upstairs so I had to wait for Susanne’s mother to get up in the morning and open the door. She was much more mobile then. The upstairs of the house had been locked through the whole visit by my unpleasant guests and I had not gone up there and could not go up there once my keys went missing. I suspected that they might have been taken by one of the guests and thrown into the yard or something. Weeks later I was sitting on a couch in the living room upstairs when something made me stick my hand back into the cushions and… what do you know? There were the keys. This wasn’t possible by any means of ordinary transfer and the sunglasses fit right into the same groove. You would have to have been a witness to my actions in that part of the van to understand what I’m saying.

I was told recently that July was a month I had to look out for. It was the only one that might give me trouble this year and that that would be the end of anything I might call trouble for the long foreseeable future. When I was in Italy working, I forgot all about the date and somehow thought I was still in June when I found out that it was July 4th. I had been having recurrent unpleasant experiences and then I put together their inception with the timing and I’ve had to watch out since. It’s uncanny how some people can read certain divinatory mediums, just as it was uncanny to have that sort of individuals come into my life over the course of a certain period of time. There hadn’t been any of them for a long, long time before and then, “Shazzam! There they were.

We get our directions; all of us do, from one source or another. We might take direction from our senses or our self consciousness. We might get it from hunches or our intuition. It might come through dreams or from individuals that we seek out for advice but we get it from somewhere. Something sets our course of action and unless we are ignorant or obsessed with something, so that we rationalize all of our actions in order to accommodate it, we tend to rely on our sources for direction. I have my sources and so do you.

Most people are compromised by desire. They want things. They believe these things will bring them satisfaction and that might happen but no satisfaction lasts for very long. The most overrated thing in the world is an orgasm. The common mind associates orgasms with release and accomplishment. This accomplishment is supposed to provide satisfaction and a measure of peace. It seems that way but the peace doesn’t last because the direction the force takes moves into areas of increasing bondage to something that creates the opposite of what it promises. Guilt and loss attend it, except in certain cases. Something within us knows that we have lost something. Well, that was the object, right? We wanted to lose ourselves but the result has been to weaken and intensify at the same time. When lasting satisfaction doesn’t occur we seek ever more arcane forms of release, which have nothing to do with release in any cosmic sense.

The world feeds on our release and uses it to engage us in a continuing spiral, whose result is death, just like the petit morte that is the result of orgasm. We seek death is what it comes down to and that death has the creation of life as its purpose. The sexual force moves in only two directions; down and out or up and in. The world is a magnet for it and the higher realms are a magnet for it and the world is very, very powerful at the moment because this is an age of materialism at its sucking nadir, murderous best. Violence is a product of frustrated sexual desire. It’s the energy that is used to send men to war and to engage them in the other arenas of conflict such as the marketplace and the mating contest game. The vibrationary matrix of sexual fluids is a highway. Everything we do is a modification of this force and all of us are at some point in a relationship with it.

Prior to passage into a higher dimension of awareness there are all sorts of magical and inexplicable events. These are distractions meant to engage you at that level so that you don’t make passage into the realm which is your objective. Sooner or later you become prey for the Gobblegloom which is a devouring beast of despair. Despair is always the fruit of no exit circumstance or conditions where you cannot see the exit because you have lost sight of the goal. This is probably because you have identified and defined the goal and you can’t possibly know what that is because you aren’t there yet. It’s what we do. We name and identify things according to our desire and all desire is sexual; whether you are putting parts of yourself into someone else or pieces of food into your mouth. The world is full of people rerouting their essential drive into ancillary drives to pacify the drive or redefine the activity because of the fear and compromise which comes from acting on the primary impetus and all of this takes place because of a reluctance to send it up and in; to sublimate the beast until it has become modified enough to converse with the angel. That’s the actual goal of life, not endless ranks of progeny that make you feel like God, the same way all the other subordinate appendages, positions and possessions make you feel in relation to your environment. The divine is most certainly real and demands you as a lover but we cheat due to access and convenience and gain the mortal end of the equation. It’s much easier to touch what you can see than to yearn for what you cannot and that yearning must exceed all others.

Lately I’ve seen a relentless appearance of obstruction and the presence of dangerous inattention. Ergo, my attention is on high alert and it’s a good thing. I know why things have been disappearing and reappearing and what all the obstruction and danger potential is all about. I’m being made watchful and also more utterly reliant on something. July is a temporary thing and so it this part of the pathway. I could list quite a number of things that make no sense whatsoever and defy the laws of physics but it’s all about the interaction of the regenerated sexual force coming into contact with something at a new level. The events are unimportant, they’re just indicators. My dreams are turning into cinematic extravaganzas and I am often extraordinarily tired. Sometimes I feel trapped and I see the Gobblegloom licking his chops off camera.

I’m writing about this because the Gobblegloom is ubiquitous and many of us are feeling that hot breath on the neck which can very quickly turn into the cold embrace of despair. This is a state of passage, not a residence and those of you who are feeling some amount of this, need to see it as just as temporary as everything else. The Gobblegloom won’t eat you unless you invite it to. It’s one of the guardians of the gate and you can’t feel despair unless some part of the world has its hooks in you and it can only have its hooks in you at some point in relation to the primary desire; however you may be modifying it for the sake of appearances (grin).

The idea is that you have to let go and don’t worry about the Gobblegloom and his buddies. They can’t do much against that. Everything pressing down on you and all of the smoldering apprehensions sitting on the horizon line in front of you are nothing more than chimera. That you think them more real than that is the problem, one more trompe l’oeil, masquerading as your environment.

The mind is a machine and it generates images as well as operating like an airport. If you are concerned about the way you feel or the conditions you are in look at what is passing through your mind. That is where the action is taking place and where whatever you call reality is being generated/created by reacting to the world as if it were real and had any power at all. It doesn’t (glaring contradiction). It only seems like it does and the seeming is the problem, the same way that what you are attracted to seems to be attractive. It’s not. Once again, I’m talking all around something. It seems to be the only way.

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