‘Aliens’ on the Agenda?

Puzzle at Chilbolton Radio Telescope

The crop circles that appeared in the field next to Chilbolton radio telescope raise some fascinating questions. The face is the first of its type while the ‘script’ that appeared with it bore an uncanny resemblance to an earlier deep space transmission.

In 1974 a digitally encoded schematic was beamed into deep space from the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico. Transmitted in the hope that an alien civilisation might receive it the message was a binary diagram of who we are, our position in the galaxy and our chemical make-up.

The digital rendition of the 1974 deep space transmission
All of which is intriguing enough but that doesn’t rule out the possibility that these formations were man made. In the early 1990s, the American biophysicist William Levengood discovered that plants inside crop circles often had much longer nodes than those in the undisturbed, surrounding crop. DR ELTJO HASELHOFF who is one of the few people to have had a paper published on crop circles in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, (‘Physiologa Plantarum’), wrote that the plants looked as if they had been heated.

“The effect could be simulated by placing normal, healthy stems inside a microwave oven. The heat induced by the microwaves made the liquids inside the nodes expand, just like the mercury inside a thermometer,” wrote Dr Haselhoff.

So it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that powerful microwave transmitters, installed on satellites as part of the “Star Wars” program, could have been responsible. Whilst the antics of Team Satan could simply be a diversionary tactic to distract attention from the covert testing of space based weapons systems.

The crop circles that appeared next to the Chilbolton Radio Telescope
To reinforce suspicions a local dowser, endowed with remarkable intuitive gifts, tells us that while meditating on the Chilbolton formations she got the distinct impression that some sort of high technology was involved, human technology. Likewise crop circle researcher Charles Mallet reports that military helicopters seem to be taking a keen interest in some formations. On a number of occasions he has seen them, and sometimes black, unmarked helicopters, circling low over crop circles.

So either they are following up on the testing of new technology. Or they know as much about it as we do and are trying to find out more. Or maybe even both because factions in the NWO may be using the phenomenon as a cover for their own nefarious purposes.
A closer view of the crop formation that clsoely resembled the 1974 deep space transmission.