A Trompe L’Oeil on the Face of It

Reflections in a Petri Dish – July 10, 2011

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“May your noses guide you where your eyes cannot”.

As I was saying… what I notice more than anything these days, is the corruption. It’s not all I notice. I notice the weariness in people and the fixity of routine. As the world becomes more uncertain, people retreat more completely into the repetition of familiar things. There’s an almost manic quality to this. It’s nothing new. It goes all the way back to bread and circuses but… we’re not only talking about bread and circuses here, unless you are thinking about dipping the rapidly diminishing bread into a circus bowl of blood. However, that’s a little further down the road, unless you are on the road where it’s happening now.

I wonder about a lot of things, along the lines of that casual curiosity that attends us all; we see something, hear about something and wonder where else it leads… like the Obama gun initiative for needy Mexican drug lords. That’s off the charts and out of the papers, like all the other mysterious things that somehow seem tied in to the military industrial complex, the private prison industry and, of course, our most burgeoning and profitable enterprise, which powers and promotes the rest, Homeland Security and the TSA. Israel is behind that, as it is behind the political correctness industry that molds the mind set which makes us willing to endure all of these things.  They accomplish this through their network of agents in the banking industry that controls the ebb and flow of currency. They simply throw a switch or twist an arm over possibilities of negative outcome and they get what they want, as they just did in Greece.

I wonder about Rupert Murdoch, now fresh off a plane bearing him into the UK. Rupert’s a Satanist and my feeling is that the head of his order lives in the UK. Appearances tell us he’s gone to clear up that little matter with News of the World but I think it’s more about being in a touchie feelie space with his controllers. We seem generally aware of the power of certain people but more usually unaware of those who give them their marching orders. There’s a dissension in the ranks these days between competing cabals, anchored in the darkness of the age. This is because the light is pressing out from the inner planes and driving everything before it. At the same time, long standing centers of control are having their power messed with. The lights are inexplicably flickering. The dials are spinning. Buzzers are going off and the players are making arrangements for locations far removed from the conditions they set into motion, without regard for the inevitable exposure of their machinations. As I’ve mentioned and will mention over and over again; these are not ordinary times. Long standing notes have come due, positively and negatively.  Depending on your polarities and depending on your initiative and efforts, on that depends where you are presently headed, whether you know about it or not.

There’s a certain collection of people who, as has also been mentioned, believe that all Masons are evil; that Alice Bailey, the Theosophists and related groups going back to the Egyptians and beyond are also evil. If you don’t understand certain basics about electricity you can get a powerful shock. It can even kill you. These same minds would reflexively call electricity evil. They’re Luddites. Luddites are generally uninformed about how and why things are, so they are either general in an all embracing vague way or… specific according to some event that captured the whole subject for them, without the need for further inquiry.

It’s like the difference between religion and spirituality. People with a bug up their ass about the presence and existence of the divine have used religion as their basis of argument. No sane person would disagree with that. Religion is the banal face of evil, layered upon something that cannot be defined or ever fully understood. Certain minds are not happy with things they can’t understand. They’re going to remain unhappy until somewhere on the road to Damascus, whenever that may happen. I’ve never been in an argument or a conversation with anyone where it wasn’t soon revealed that they had a problem with religion and that spirituality had never really entered into the equation. I don’t argue anymore these days though and haven’t for a long time. I simply state and you take it or leave it.

Anyway, Alice Bailey and others, along with a variety of organizations from that period of time, all spoke of what was to come and, of course, the gamut of scriptures talk about things to come and things always do come, because of the cyclicity of human events and the general tendency of human events to move toward chaos, entropy and some form or another of doomed materialism. Alice Bailey wrote a great book about Glamour called, “Glamour, a World Problem”.  That’s one of the main features of materialism and we are neck deep in it at the moment so… something is coming. A number of big things are coming that are going to change the world- and ourselves- beyond anything formerly recognizable because that is just how it is and just what happens as a result of the things we’ve collectively gotten up to with the help of satanic agents like Rupert Murdoch.

There are a number of rumors going around about Rupert and one of them is that this closing of the News of the World is a calculated act that is intended to lead to changes with The Sun and possibly some new sleaze creation, meant to give us all the feeling that we’ve been dipped in shit and only need some sprinkles on the top of the cone. My feeling is that the scandal goes much deeper and affects all of his operations and that’s what he and his handlers are concerned about at the moment. They know what’s coming too. You may be sure of that.

As for Masons and Egyptians and all sorts of organizations, large and small, from earlier times, we have to keep in mind that a system is just a system. Electricity is just electricity. It’s the individual application of these things that determine their usefulness and efficacy. What groups and individuals do with systems can cover a wide range of possibilities. You can make a machine that tortures and deals death in every usage, or you can save many lives with few adjustments to that machine. You can cool and heat with electricity. You can do all kinds of things. Like that masked by religion and revealed, in part by spirituality, you can increase your ignorance or insight simply by your relationship to it.

I take a great pleasure in being able to defend people like Jacque Fresco and I call him a friend. He is a friend to all of us but there are those who like to mention he was at a dinner with Queen Beatrice once and that this means he’s actually a serial killer of no mean ability. I’ve had lunch and dinner with any number of serial killers- for real- and I don’t see where that’s had the effect of making me into one but, where there’s life there’s hope, isn’t there?

Some people are unredeemably bad, like Rupert Murdoch or Donald Rumsfeld. I could make quite a list of people in whom no light could be found at all except for the small animating point that makes it possible for them to be present here. It’s not my job to list all of the reptile cannibals who move among us. I’m not sure what my job is, now that I think about but never mind. The point is that I’ve gotten this far into the post without a clear idea of what I’m supposed to be saying. Maybe it’s like a trompe l’oeil or something else that the French have a word for. It’s been said many times that good and bad are relative, some kind of kissing cousins maybe. Despite the intellectual merry-go-rounding, there are some seriously bad and or deluded at work in these times and I’m sure they’ve found reference points in the past with their kindred ancestors, who hacked their way through history with rocks and clubs, spears and arrows, guns and bombs. There they were. Here they are and… there they go. I can hear the cosmic toilet revving up off stage. It’s a cosmic toilet moment and it’s got its job to do, just like you and me, whatever that might be.

I’ve got to watch the schadenfreude, just in case justice really does come down the pike with heads stuck on it; hmmm, something wrong about that sentence but it’s too late now. It’s probably too late for a lot of things but that’s only because the truly bad among us don’t think of redemption. It’s not on the menu in the places they go to dine.

Somehow I feel like we’re at the apex of the moment before so many things become changed beyond recognition. I’ve felt that way for awhile but- as with all things- eventually you do find your way there. I read today that we are about to have an enormous amount of old people. I find that surprising given the rate at which people are presently killing themselves. I hadn’t expected most of them to grow old but then I realized that this is a generation or two after the people I’m talking about who probably won’t grow old because of all the horizontal hula, death dances they are engaged in. They’ve got a steel cage match taking place between obesity and diabetes and it doesn’t matter who wins because they lose. It’s yet another indication that things can’t go on the way they are going for much longer. If you look around you can see many, many reasons why things can’t continue to go on the way they are.

It’s startling, how many of the bad things going on that Rupert Murdoch is engaged in. His media supports all the bad habits. His media supported and cheered for the murders of millions. He’s made transparent lies into an art form and depravity and ignorance into social icons. It’s hard to think of anyone who is more directly involved in the promotion of suffering and deception than he. I know there are entities in the political realm here and there but he’s wide screen global. Of course, the evil that is Israel is poisoning the world at a variety of levels but he exists as their main megaphone.

It’s very difficult not to wish for something very bad to happen to him; at the same time, anything that would or could happen, wouldn’t-couldn’t ever be bad enough.  Some people just go beyond the possibilities of any sort of reasonable payback within the dimensions of earthly life. I think about Rupert sometimes and wonder at what passes through his head. I can’t get a handle on the degree of hatefulness that possesses him. His face gives an indication but it is an indication only. Once, in an altered state, I visited some movers and shakers. One of them was Donald Rumsfeld. He is the only one of them that was entirely empty. There was no one there. I didn’t visit Rupert but I suspect it would have been the same.

I’ve wandered around the map today, while staying fairly close to certain landmarks. I wanted to say something but managed only to trace an outline of a badly drawn boy of the world we live in- used to live in. Every day brings every one of us closer to something. Sooner or later we’re going to find out what that is.

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