I’m with Stupid and Proud of It

Smoking Mirrors – July 9, 2011

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“May your noses always be cold and wet”.

For ten days I didn’t read the news except for twice as a brief scan. I didn’t miss it and it made no difference that I hadn’t seen it. News is just once more packaged product from the ‘shake and bake’ manufacturers. It’s a traveling t-shirt with DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger and all the other corporate slave masters finding new ways to say, “I’m with stupid”. Whether the arrow points to the side or straight up is immaterial.

I don’t want to get too self righteous or in danger of hypocrisy because there is some talk about blog t-shirts for the main three (grin) but we are not a department store supply wholesaler either. One of the things ‘I try to do’ is to look at myself before I get off on a rant, to make sure I’m not waving a flag for the same kind of action. This is one of humanities most common and unseen crimes (from the perspective of the practitioner- others certainly can see it).

The one thing I notice to be the most prevalent and epidemic activity in the world today is corruption. This corruption is ubiquitous and ascends and descends through every theater of human activity. It’s so bad that no one tries to hide it any more. An editor from News of the World brags and preens in light of being taped and exposed by Hugh Grant. He’s pleased to be shown as a sewer dining, dung slug, while also emphatically stating that his papers motivations are all about the truth; that the truth is the main thrust of their efforts. I’m still waiting for Anne Frank’s ballpoint pen to go up for auction on E-Bay.

The corruption is beyond impressive. It’s pacing itself through every area of life. It’s the fashion statement of the political world. Its Job One in law enforcement and the number one guy in the US is so hemmed in by duplicity that he doesn’t know whether to shit or go blind, both of which actions seem to be occurring simultaneously and in full view of anyone inclined to be watching. Lies are the new truth and, accompanied by awesome hypocrisy, create a spectacle that is breathtaking and would be anyway if you were standing too close to Eric Holder.

There are two signs that materialism has reached near to the height of its arc. One of them is cannibalism, which can be seen as being expressed in a variety of ways that don’t necessarily involve the consumption of flesh. This is similar to vampires and werewolves, which you can see on any given night, if you don’t require fangs and a cape to be required for identification.

The corruption works so well and with so little reaction because it’s as rampant in the lumpen prole arena as it is at Congressman Ryan’s lunch table. It’s as persuasive in child killer, felony trials as it is in the Strauss Kahn, full bore manipulations of all that money and influence makes possible. It’s resident in all the little dishonesties that attend contemporary life. Lies are effective and corruption has the same effect as a gym workout. You sweat, you stink and you shower and then it’s not you, it’s the other guy. Impossible lies and justifications are handed out every day and people just nod their heads like the plastic flamingo on the drinking glass; unthinking, unreflective and in total agreement with what they didn’t get and can’t understand.

This always brings me back to the t-shirts and eight ball jackets. What kind of person wears either, with Tommy Hilfiger’s name in one foot letters across the surface? DKNY? What is the point and purpose of this? It seems to be saying, “check me out, I’m a flaming asshole and a clueless whore, let’s go somewhere and mate like human billboards”. It won’t be long before the whole nation is dressed like NASCAR drivers, who can’t afford the products they’re shilling for. People are already cutting deals to have corporate logos tattooed on their bodies. I’m waiting for the coming funeral processions where the coffin will announce that this death was brought to you by… insert company icon here.

The thing is that materialism is a form of insanity, which is accompanied by all the tics and obsessive compulsions of all the disorders that are birthed from the primary condition. If everything is about sex and the widest gamut of sex is perversion then what do you get? Personally, I don’t want to be your backdoor man, nor do I consider that legitimate birth control. I will admit that there’s a Darwinian irony to the whole thing that is welcome, despite the cringe making presentation of the whole affair.

I noted when I wrote the most recent Origami that some number of people took me literally. The motive for certain forms of presentation is to establish resonance, not WYSIWYG. I suppose that’s the point of what I am attempting to say today, without actually having gotten around to it yet. Despite what the wide spectrum of the totality of us might indicate, these are exceptional times and everything happening is a reflection of them. This is a time of cosmic harvest and you are either going to be in resonance with the cosmic urge that sets your sympathetic strings vibrating, or you are going to be plowed under or composted. It’s as mathematical as it is lyrical. There is a solid foundation to be felt and seen unless you’re impressed with temporary architecture. This is why dogma has replaced the vibrancy of living archetypes. This is why, on the one hand, existence is moving toward the tragic-comically absurd and on the other hand being quickened by a dimensional shift.

We can see now that we have no idea how things will shake out, or when they are going to do it. The flotilla action is a good example of this. Meanwhile there is a powerful shakeup occurring from the ground level around the world. Leadership and increasingly ridiculous laws cannot contain it. Steadily it marches onward; up through the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Belarusians and anywhere and everywhere you look. Containment is impossible and every effort in that direction, magnifies the lack of success and amplifies the ongoing impetus of whatever it is that is rising up in the populations.

Normal has left the building and not only is abnormal celebrated; it has become the yardstick by which we measure our path to becoming a submissive bottom for Kali with a strap-on. Crazy shit is happening on the street level and higher up in the pecking order there is no rule of law at all. The mainstream press is marching into The Great Victoria Desert with a brass band and no supply wagons and the alternative media has an army of attentive watchers, growing by the day that poke holes into everything and the people are being reached through a thousand avenues of presentation. Once things have gotten so bad that none of the usual explanations will suffice, you are forced to look somewhere else. Ultimately you are forced to look within, which is the point of the whole escapade to begin with. It’s all programmed and Tommy Hilfiger has your back, literally.

You can tell the state of the culture by the art it presents. You can tell by the soundtrack. You can tell by the simulations, diversions and mating rituals. A massive hammer is rising up over the wide stage of existence and it is going to come down sooner or later. It’s not if, it’s when and we don’t know when but ‘if’ has left the building too.

At some point an eerie silence is going to manifest. The sound of Nature will be stilled. All the birds and beasts will be silenced, as they are in the moments before a quake. It has something to do with The Apocalypse. I don’t know the details. It’s the stuff of dreams that shakes you but doesn’t explain anything; that leaves you with a poignant, haunting recollection (cue “Where or When”).

More and more is being uncovered. More and more is being pressed out. More and more demonstrations are taking place that are mostly bass and drums. The curtain is being pulled aside within and without. We are beginning to see ourselves for what we really are and what really surrounds us. I ran into a real estate agent a few days ago who surprised me no small amount by telling me he’d been reading the blogs; a man of about 35 from a small town in southern Italy and he was saying; “I can feel it. I can feel something but I don’t know what it is. I want to change and I’m concerned that I’m not changing as I should. What should I do”? Giving advice should be viewed with the same trepidation that one experiences when one is about to cross an icy stream in a Jack London short story. The reason for that is that you get slotted for a demonstration of it yourself.

In this case it was very easy for me to say what I did. I said, “The fact that you are feeling all of this is a clear indication that you are in touch with the energy being expressed. The ones who should be concerned are the ones who are not. Guidance and assistance are not necessarily a call to action. Quite often they are simply transformative. What I mean is that if you are feeling something, it is acting on you and giving way is often the better part of reaction. Reacting is what we do when we bypass reflection and thinking and thinking is something we identify with personally, as if the thoughts we have are our own and they most often are not. We are each of us plugged into a greater stream of things that are nothing more than an indication of what influences us because we have that particular capacity within us. Merely seeing this goes a long way toward clearing it up and clarifying our path. Reacting and personal identification, with the wide highways of mind traffic, cause us to swim in courses that do not, most of the time, flow in the direction of our own best interests”. That was it more or less.

Anyone who wants to see what it is that they need to personally consider needs only to look at the content and quality of thoughts that ‘pass through’ their heads. These are indications of your susceptibility. It’s similar to seeing qualities in others because they are resident within us. We don’t like to look at it this way but we should. Even when it isn’t true, it doesn’t hurt to check. Rigorous self inquiry is a necessity of those seeking the way out or… the way in.

I can’t say it often enough. These are extraordinary times and there’s opportunity for change that goes well beyond anything possible before. Those who take advantage of it are going to be truly and profoundly surprised. It’s not easy because we are fighting it. We can’t seem to help ourselves. We are being controlled by the reactive mind. Still the reactive mind and you have found the gates; you have found the entry way. It appears in the quiet, following the suspension of the reactive mind.

Do you really need any more evidence of what’s going on than what’s going on? You can see the incremental approach of massive and fundamental transformation. It is everywhere to be seen. The breakdown of the old world order is unmistakable. The shifting and scrambling to grab hold of the new controls is also unmistakable. The application of threat and force reaffirms the intent of those who are losing their grip and being driven in panic to try to take control once more. That’s not going to happen. Every action they take makes them more vulnerable and helpless in the face of irresistible change.

We are not who or what we think we are and being open to seeing the truth of this is all we need in the way of planning and action. We are being hot-housed into a dimensional shift. Embrace it as if it were the sum total of all your aspirations because, it is.

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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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