Missing Soldier’s Body Found in Afghanistan

News Brief – July 4, 2011

The body of a British soldier reported missing earlier on Monday has been found.

The soldier’s body was discovered by an Isaf patrol and he is believed to have suffered gunshot wounds.

Jerome Starkey, a journalist in Kabul with The Times, said: “We understand the soldier was found around 7pm local time after being missing for about 17 hours.

“Officials say that the search has been called off and are not looking for any other soldiers.”

The news comes after a huge search was launched following his disappearance in southern Afghanistan.

It has been confirmed that the soldier was serving with 4 Scots.

Coalition troops had been stood down from regular operations to help look for him from the ground and air, with commanders listing him as “duty status whereabouts unknown”.

The soldiers unknown whereabouts had also affected Prime Minister David Cameron’s secret trip to Afghanistan where he was to visit troops.

The prime minister had been scheduled travel to nearby Lashkar Gah but the search for the missing soldier forced a change in plans. 

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