They’re not Crazy, They’re Stark Raving Mad

Reflections in a Petri Dish – June 24, 2011

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

I wound up with an extra day, so I thought I would put it to good use with radio shows and another posting. Of course, another posting is not a bad idea, if you can find an idea to fashion the post around. I noted that there’s a certain amount of buzz going around concerning an Israeli (is there any other kind) false flag against Germany at the Women’s Soccer Championship, or whatever it’s called. I’ve noted a lot of negative events concerning Germany lately. The idea that someone could pinpoint an event intrigues me but we won’t know until the 26th and I’ll be in the woods and on the road, so I probably won’t know anyway right off.

It ties in with my idea that they’re planning something before the Flotilla arrives to take the focus off of whatever heinous acts they have in mind for these heroes …and heroes they are. It truly blows my mind to look at the state of the world in these times. It’s a cartoon. I see stark raving insanity around the globe and it can’t be the result of the efforts of a handful of demonic world shakers. It’s as if the entirety of the negative and crazy, subconscious impulses of collective humanity are being forced to the surface.

It may not be commonly known but materialism makes you crazy. All of the obsessions and compulsions and ticks, involuntary winces and Tourette like outbreaks, are due to oppressive materialism. It’s a no brainer that dialectical materialism led to the biggest mass murder spree of all time, performed by the craziest pack of materialists on the planet. It’s great to see the residue of Russia recognizing the heritage of the chief on-site architect of the whole mass murder jamboree; keeping in mind the same, concerning the principal paper architects of the same.

Materialism is the kind of thing that makes rolling in road kill romantic, especially if you ran it over on purpose just for the cosmetic value. Any fool can and should look at the ubiquitous proliferance of materialism and observe the unbridled appetites and raging consumerism that ends up with people hanging from hooks for sexual pleasure and demanding the right to do it in the town square. It’s the reverse philosophy of crucifixion with Sarah Silverman as the master of ceremonies. The highlight of the affair is a collective golden shower that results in a strange spiritual transcendence, complete with seizure like jerking, St. Vitas’ Dance routines and a little meth infused tarantella to round out the festivities, accompanied by a Zydeco soundtrack played at 78 RPMs.

Materialism demands more and more, quicker and quicker and ready to go. All you have to do is tear off the packaging and dig in. Self respect goes out the window, along with all of the virtues you used to see before materialism became the order of the day.

One of the fruits of materialism is that everything kills you. Materialism is death on steroids with a racing engine. It slips into every product and situation and revels in the mind of the dying, who celebrate strange notions of freedom and liberty, while bound on the rack and fondled by demons. Hell opens her gates during bouts of materialism, because that is the honorary lifestyle of Hell; just as all of the intricate bullshit philosophies that attend ages of materialism, are penned down below. They make things like the Khmer Rouge possible. They inspire the American ambassador to petition the UN to recognize Pol Pot as the legitimate representative of the Cambodian people. Is it any wonder that you see what you see today? We’re in Batshit Estates, just down the road from Looney Tune Holler.

Once you figure out that your leaders are possessed AND crazy, you won’t have to scratch your head so much. Materialism eats its young and that is why cannibalism appears in the last stages of materialism. It’s also why zombie movies are so popular because people are turning into them. They’ll be like those ‘zine queens’ (Thorazine) that you could dance with once a month at the mixers I attended at the Norman OK mental institution I was in. I was doing undergrad work at the time and went on for my master’s and doctorate at The John Howard Pavilion for the Criminally Insane.

I had voluntarily signed myself in to that place because they told me I was crazy in The Air Force. It took me about six months to realize that they were the ones who were crazy. Imagine my disappointment on one level, when I realized none of these people would ever be able to cure me because they were mentally ill. As I went on with my studies, I saw some examples that were downright amazing and would have been hilarious except that they had the power of life and death; in their own minds. It finally occurred to me that I was walking around in a global mental institution wherever I went. What conceals this fact from most people is the presence of seemingly predictable and rational patterns in human behavior. It gives the impression that people have some idea of what they are doing and what it all means (sound of an annoying buzzer); not.

I feel pretty good about the whole thing because I have a reliance factor; something I rely on, to keep me sane and safe so far as it fits with the program. Nobody is safe in a world of mortality. Immortality is an option (later for the explanation of that). This is why I believe all death is suicide. There are billions of wrong way highways and only a few right way outahere highways.

Well, strange days are coming. Did anyone see that (imaginary?) city in Russia (or was it China?) that appeared out of the mist? I’m sorry I didn’t save that link. If anyone has it, please hotlink it in the comments section; shades of Shambhala and in the right general location too. If it wasn’t real how did they get a picture of it? Okay, okay, don’t explain it to me (grin)

Some of us are sane, more or less, but we are definitely in the minority. One of the problems of perception that people like us have, is getting our head around what’s really going on in the heads of the heads of state, religion and the economic sphere. We may think they’re misguided, flat out evil, under the control of those who will kill them if they don’t hew the line (possibly true) but the truth is, even if some portion of the rest is also true, that they are crazy, nuts, not in their right minds.

I’ve said they’re being ‘pushed out’ from within to ‘act out’ for purposes of demonstration. There’s no point to the demonstration if some portion of us doesn’t remain or doesn’t return. As you know, I’ve got my own take on it all; not to say that I’m necessarily right. I’m just banking on ‘ageless wisdom’ and the cyclicity of life, under the aegis of a permeating consciousness, within and without. It’s alive! (grin) So are we and there are certain things you can only accomplish in a body, so a certain amount of focused industry is just the ticket; the ticket onward.

I used to do all kinds of street theater (initially why I came to the negative attention of the authorities). I used to wear a badge and walk a friend of mine around in handcuffs and interrogate him in crowded restaurants, with another friend who also played a cop. Then there were the episodes in the white lab jacket, giving on the spot analysis of the various mental disorders that went by me on the street. I’d have friends around as interns and it was supposed to be a teaching seminar. I never got apprehended in any of this but they heard about it later because I heard about it later. The thing is that it was so real that most of the time people around it thought it was real. There’s a point to this paragraph but you’ll get it, I suspect.

Well back to the getting ready stuff. The solstice party is coming up and then it’s a long trip somewhere for a couple of weeks. It’s looking good for staying in touch and I did all the radio shows, I think. Keep in mind that you are surrounded by crazy, dysfunctional people and some of them have guns. Be nice to the mental patients and retain a professional demeanor. You can provide a lot of comfort, once you are able to see what they are suffering from. You can certainly provide more comfort that actual professionals, the same way you can cure or ease a lot of back problems with certain types of massage and Shiatsu, a lot better than surgeons can. Surgeons are mostly dangerous and only very occasionally necessary.

Once you see that you are indeed in an open ward mental institution scenario, you will be amazed at how it transforms your perspective on things and how very useful it can make you; there’s no shame in the humorous side of it either. I’ll see you later if there is one; stay frosty.

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