Voice of the White House February 12, 2005

“ the years of service in and around the White House and in various other official agencies, I have come to the inescapable conclusion that the American public are probably the most stupid tribe of hominids since the Neanderthals were forced into extinction by the Cro Magnons. I could send you, and you could publish, absolute proof that the Bush people knew to the day when 9/11 was coming (which they did) and no one would give a damn. As long as they could stuff food into their fat mouths, watch football or basketball games on the boob tube and have occasional sweaty and ill-executed sexual contacts, they wouldn’t give a fancy damn if George came out into the Rose Garden for an important rigged press conference in a tutu with lots of lip rouge. Not that that would surprise very many people around here and if Fat Karl the Eunuch joined him, waddling around dressed the same, staffers would just smile to each other and the public would express outrage and go right on babbling mindless mutterings into their cellphones while waiting for the tanning salon to open. This Administration is rotten to the core. It is venal, corrupt, vicious and holds the voters in utter contempt.

Bush is not a Christian and neither is Rove. When the Bible thumpers discover that many promises made to them cannot be kept, they will become very angry but then, Bush was elected and cannot be removed from office so he cares not about them. What happens when the obnoxious Brother Pat Robertson discovers Bush is not going to create a cabinet post just for him? The only promises Bush and his people will keep will be those made to the rich supporters in the business community. You can believe that. His special stockbroker friends are even now pricing homes in the Hamptons in anticipation of their astronomical windfalls when they are listed as the only designated firms that the “Social Security Investment Funds” are allowed to use. And how much of this windfall ends up in Karl and George’s pockets? About ten percent has been the norm to date.

They have bought the press in wholesale lots and committed other thoroughly dishonest acts because the hold the electorate in monumental contempt. The worst is Rove who constantly prowls, or waddles, around the corridors of power here making snide and vicious remarks about the “American boobery” and the “sucker brigades” until I have the strong desire to plant my large foot in his huge, flabby ass. As a humorous note, a group of rabid Jesus Freaks have asked Bush to compel the Academy Awards people to give a special Oscar to the awful Mel Gibson Jesus movie but, of course, Bush cannot do that because Hollywood is run by Jews and the movie spends most of its footage trashing them worse than something Goebbels could have created.. Maybe they can make Gibson the Gauleiter of Los Angeles.”

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