The Plan

Dick Eastman – Rebel News June 24, 2011

The enemy’s plan is to cap the long ongoing mass starvation attack with flooding of a large percentage of Midwest American farmland after it has been planted.

The American soldiers coming home at that time will be full of misinformation and will be assigned to protect assets of value to the conspiracy, like Cape Canaveral.

By the time the crops are destroyed and mass starvation and hopeless panic set in, it will be too late for organized resistance – the enemy’s weapons of mass destruction – famine, radiation and whatever else – will have already have done their work.

They would not have infiltrated a foreign born imposter to be our president – middle name Heussein and last name rhyming with Osama – yet a perfect stooge of Rothschild, Goldman-Sachs, AIPAC, Israel and China ruling Triad organized crime – unless they were sure we would not live long enough or continue long enough with any political power to do anything about it.

This is the way the enemy had to attack us – making it look like a series of accidents or acts of mother nature. And then there is the reasons why they felt they had to murder us. Of course the general plan for our extinction was long on the books, from the cold war and before – possibly to the Protocols of Zion. But the reason the current generation of Jewish and Chinese elites felt they had to go through with it – was simple survival instinct. The truth had gotten out about the conspiracy and was spreading on the internet – mostly in English and Arabic. The enormity of their murderous crimes – wars, depressions, weather disasters, systematic degrading of the basic institutions of our civilization – were coming to light and eventually – unless they destroyed us first – we would rise up and impose justice.

We can rise up and impose justice – and peace – and social credit – and real freedom of expression and thought – but it must be done now. When we are starving and robbing and murdering each other to keep our families fed – there will be no way we can figure out where the Rothschilds and Rockefellers are hiding and how to get their paid minions to turn on them. That sort of thing must be done now – and it must be a world movement led by the American people. If we just start to say “no” with a unified voice that the rest of the world can hear, then the rest of the world will follow our example – they will give us the moral support we need to succeed – and the truth will then begin to peel away all support that the criminal rich have been counting on to defeat us.

I am convinced that the world could rally around four interrelated causes Peace, Debt Repudiation, Social Credit and Ending the Zionist Conspiracy You have just been called to participate in the liberation of all mankind.


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