Voice of the White House February 6, 2005

“As I recall, I gave you information on the pending US/Israeli attacks on Iran some time ago and you posted them. These were of course, plans. Now, Bush and Rove are pushing to execute them. There have been secret staff meetings with the British and most especially with the Israelis on this. It has been decided not to use a US carrier group stationed in the Gulf because we have suddenly discovered that the Iranians, with help from the evil Russians, are armed with missiles that could sink ten aircraft carriers.

The new plan is to use strategic bombing from bases in Italy. Turkey is out because we have been openly courting the anti-Turkish Kurds and they are very angry and we can’t use Saudi Arabia because the royal family is terrified of the consequences. Kuwait is being looked at and Israel doesn’t like this at all.

They will fight to the last American but have no problem egging us on and supplying various aircraft. They want us to flatten Iran and obliterate their atomic energy program. The problem with this is that the Iranians have so dispersed these centers that knocking them all out by a massive air strike would be impossible and it’s like three card monty. Which shell hides the rockets with the atomic warheads?

We do not have spies on the ground and the CIA’s local hires are useless. Bush has so enraged the Russians with his threats and attempts at destabilizing Putin’s government that they have poured all kinds of technical advise, advisors and certain weapons into Iran.

The Jews are using us to front for them and the Russians are using the Iranians to front for them. A nice proxy war.

The real war is an economic one which we are losing just as we are losing the ground war in Iraq. The Russians, French and Germans and probably the Swiss are working on replacing the dollar with the euro. The excuse will be the massive Iranian counterfeiting of US dollars. The second stage of this economic war will be to get the Chinese to ally with the eurobloc. China has been supporting the US Treasury by buying up their notes of which they hold billions. If they drop this and revalue their currency, not pegged to the dollar, it will be finis for Uncle Sam. Right now, deals are being made to supply even bigger markets to China than the US can offer and they are also playing the card that the US is supporting India’s economy as an Asian rival to China.

Bush and his fanatics are so dense that they are completely unaware of the long-term damage they are doing but we in the Monkey Palace get to see all the Real Reports as opposed to the faked ones Bush’s aides keep shoving under his nose.

Look for faked ‘domestic polls’ to come out soon (these have already been bought and paid for) that show Bush’s confidence level “soaring” with the American public and that the same believe that we have “won” in Iraq because of the “stunning results” of the useless election.

Civil war is about to break out in earnest there and we haven’t a clue. I told a Pentagon bigwig yesterday that when the whole thing caves in, Bush will put the blame onto the Army for lying to him and letting the American people down. He believed me and asked me for advise. I suggested that if Bush were no longer President, he could do no further damage to anyone. Point was well taken. These are certainly interesting times.”

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