The Military Must Stop Complaining

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For June 21, 2011

We bomb the capital city of a sovereign state, murdering women and children in their own homes. International law clearly forbids such actions.

Most people know that we have no right whatsoever to attack anyone in Libya.

But International Law….hey, who cares any more?

However, let us not be surprised that British military chiefs are complaining.

They cannot stomach being a part of this unjustified, satanic, slaughter. It offends their dignity. They can feel it corrupting their very souls.

Such ‘service’ can only generate self-loathing in all concerned.

A humanitarian mission!?

Just grow up.

The first cause of the deaths of innocents is always LIES uttered by venal politicians, almost always in service of the interest of supremacist international financiers who own them and for whose pleasure and profit all such deaths occur.

Do you know anyone who wants these wars?

Nor me.

But we keep getting them and there are more to come. We are watching the build-up to the big one. The one that will destroy most of what is and leave survivors in desperate need of the loans these oligarchs have used, over the centuries, to enslave us ever more deeply.

The cycle has been played out many times before. This is how power was transferred, for instance, from ‘The British Empire’ directly into the hands of the moneylenders. As the money system collapses war is always there to breathe life, via real corpses, into the economic corpse.

We will never have true peace until we deal with these people and their money-as-debt all-enslaving banking system.

Cameron, Blair, Obama, Bush….these people are irrelevant. Whoever we ‘elect’ is THEIR government ….



Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

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