Sarah Silverman invitation a bad joke

Ayelet Yagil – Ynet News June 19, 2011

Recently we received word that Sarah Silverman, one of the most talented and famous comedians currently active in the United States, will be arriving in Israel to perform at Tel Aviv’s Wahl Amphitheater on June 25. So far so good.

But then the press release went on to mention that Silverman would also grace her presence in “Facing Tomorrow”, the Israeli Presidential Conference, taking place in Jerusalem earlier this week, under the auspices of Mr. Shimon Peres, believe it or not.

Silverman in the Presidential Conference? Is this also a joke? Did someone in the organizing committee of this conference, a summit meeting of world-class politicians and global movers and shakers – think World Economic Forum in Davos meets Cannes’ Red Carpet – ever watch a Sarah Silverman sketch?

Suffice to recall some of her more memorable gems (“Auschwitz? Wowschwitz”, or “Martin Loser King… I had a f***ing dream too!”) to understand this is not a star whose tone correlates with the conference’s air of dignity.

One can only imagine the brainstorming taking place at the round table, once people like Tony Blair and Abraham Foxman have RSVP’d.

“Look, there’s this buzz around this Jewish comic, Sarah Silverman”, one organizer would say. “I hear her sister is a rabbi and lives in Israel”, another would add. “Didn’t she win an Emmy?” a third one would say. “Plus we already had Skype’s Josh Silverman and NBC’s Ben Silverman in the conference, so let’s complete this threesome”.

So yes, she is very Jewish, very talented, very funny AND an Emmy award winner (for the unforgettable song “I’m F***ing Matt Damon”), but Silverman is one of the least refined characters to ever grace the American TV screens. I can just see her sitting next to Mr. Peres, quizzing him about his experience with Viagra and informing him of the pet names for her breasts.

Whoever saw her on “The Sarah Silverman Show” knows her vein of humor: One episode has her having sex with a black God, another shows her having an orgy with her imaginary friend and his posse, or licking her dog’s behind.

Those who weren’t so lucky were probably exposed to her guest appearances in leading talk shows, speaking candidly about being a teenage bed-wetter, her abortions or the waxing of her private parts, as the host would blush behind his desk.

Here’s a thought: Perhaps the person behind the invitation to the Presidential Conference has an impeccable sense of humor. It’s too bad that Dominique Strauss-Kahn, guest of the first Presidential Conference, won’t be around this year as well. I would love to see the banter between the two, with Silverman rehashing her famous one-liner: “When God gives you AIDS – make lemonAIDS”.


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