Voice of the White House February 1, 2005

“Two items of interest for you concern the legal attacks on Rumsfeld in Germany and the actual number of dead military in the Iraq campaign. First off, the President is livid with rage over the German court charges against Rummy and his band of trained assassins. An American group has filed war crimes charges against them in the German courts and both the White House and the DoS have actually threatened the German government with “serious economic reprisals” if they do not have the suit dismissed. The Germans have responded, saying that this is not a German government action and they are legally unable to shut down lawsuits in their court system anymore than Bush could stop a civil suit against Halliburton for wholesale fraud and deception in Federal court. The Bush people are so angry, they shout about this. Apparently, the Germans are being passively aggressive and are digging in their heels on this.

Let’s face it, kids. Because of Bush’s actions, we are hated all over the world. I suppose the flag wavers think this is great but it is not because there are serious financial risks to these nakedly aggressive and undiplomatic activities. It wouldn’t take much for the world market to discard the dollar as a medium of international exchange and if that happens we are all in for a depression that makes the 1929 one look like a tea party for florists. Rummy doesn’t dare go onto German territory lest he be snatched up and believe me, given the German anger at our threats, this is more than a possibility. How humiliating for Rummy! A nice picture of him wearing an orange jumpsuit with a number under his chin would be a delight. Notice that our press has shut up about this. You have to go to the foreign media to see anything about it. It’s wonderful to see how weak our press is. The reason their publishers can stand up without a spine is because their skin is so thick.

And as far as the death toll is concerned, I have seen the figures from the DoD and your estimate of 7,000 dead is a little high but not much. These slick shits rule that a soldier who dies either while en route to a foreign hospital or at such a hospital is NOT COUNTED on the daily lists. Also, a number of GIs have been captured and this is not listed and what especially is not listed and is strictly classified and forbidden to even hint at is that the rag heads have aced quite a few and cut not only their heads off but other body parts as well. The French AFP has pictures of some of the chopped up corpses, still in uniform, but believe me, we will never see any of these in the States. No paper would dare to publish them at the risk of losing all their advertising overnight. It’s so comforting to live in a free country. Which one? Certainly not this one.

Also, Bush hates Putin and all Russians (Congoleeza is behind a lot of this because she hates all Russians with a black passion) and is giving orders to Goss and others to stir up as much trouble inside Russia as they can. Dissident student groups and even the old Communists are being looked at as possible recipients of clandestine money to foment civil problems for old Putin. They don’t seem to realize here that the Cold War is over and we need oil and gas. Russia has it, so what do we do? We threaten them and try to clumsily interfere with their internal politics. Russians are not stupid and Bush is courting future disaster in this arena. Also, my friend from the next building showed me a long list compiled for the use of Karl Rove by Condoleeza Rice, our new Secretary of State, setting down the countries we wish to “democratize,” and the means by which we intend to accomplish this God-directed new Bush mission.

The drill is to locate dissident groups, students, outlawed political party members and so on, inside the target country, finance them through the CIA’s so-called Internal Corruption Program and then have a “peaceful and democratic” change of government. This is what was done in the Ukraine and here are the following target countries plus the sums of money set aside to stir up internal rebellion:







North Korea


There are also studies in this report that cover countries considered potential targets but not yet elevated to the active level. These include: the PRC, Mexico, Canada, France, Malaysia and Brunei. There is a fifty-page annex in which press coverage in support of these ventures in True Democracy is set down in detail. The plan is to have the major media put out “unfavorable” stories about target countries such as is being done now with Russia, and prepare for a media blitz just before the internal upheavals are scheduled to erupt. Wonderful people, Karl, Condoleeza and George. The political Three Stooges!”

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