Cognitive Dissonance on Revolution Road

Reflections in a Petri Dish – June 17, 2011

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

What’s the big event headed our way- metaphorically speaking- that’s not being talked about? That would be the large flotilla endeavor. This is a great deal more massive than its predecessor and we remember what happened to its predecessor. People were shot dead in cold blood and others were seriously injured. Large sums of money and credit cards were stolen that were later used in Tel Aviv stores. It looks like it was a capital crimes, armed robbery as much as anything.

I’m not very successful with predictions, except for trends and general atmosphere. Any number of people can do that because A connects to B, which connects to C and D. Yes, the knee bone is connected to the leg bone, on the dancing skeleton of world affairs. However, it seems almost a no brainer that Israel will do something before the flotilla arrives. It’s possible they can get various governments to stymie the operation, though they didn’t stop the last one and this one is bigger with more support. Israeli bagmen are running all over the planet, with funds stolen from the American and Crown Colonies, in search of votes to reject Palestinian statehood. On the other hand, I suspect, no matter how many tiny island principalities they garner, Palestine can/will simply declare statehood.

It is interesting to see how slowly things are coalescing in the world situation. It’s also interesting to see the muted coverage of worldwide uproar over the behavior of bankers which, surprisingly, people are aware of. How can the common citizen be aware of something in one place and mostly clueless in another? Maybe they’re not. It’s just reported other than it is. I don’t know but that is a possibility. They are rioting in Greece, Spain and other localities; it looks like it’s going to come to a head in Ireland. The protests are becoming increasingly more serious, with the use of fire arms being employed. When you add this in with the various Arab uprisings you get a global climate that is volatile and getting more so.

I have studied the French Revolution a bit. I’ve read some amount of occult history concerning it and including people like The Comte De St. Germaine and Cagliostro. When they stormed The Bastille, Cagliostro was no longer there. St. Germaine alerted a number of high profile people like Marie Antoinette but they didn’t listen. Surely the aristocrats could see the rage building in the streets. Surely they were informed about the massing of revolutionaries outside Versailles. They didn’t listen. I am sure there were some who went abroad, just as there were very few people in The World Trade Center on 9/11. I don’t think that’s a legitimate parallel but I wanted to say it (grin).

I’ve read descriptions of the lifestyles of aristocrats in France at the time. Many of them had half a dozen coachmen and all sorts of attendants and lived in great opulence, while employing memorable decadence; rouged and cosmeticized, they had quite a number of young boys bedecked the same way. They had their way with whatever youth was in their fiefdom and opposition to this was futile. You could see this kind of thing coming in the matter of Giles De Rais; another interesting story.

The French aristocrats were very well off and the people were becoming increasingly desperate. This is very much the same as in the U.S. at this time. The comparisons are powerfully indicative. The decadence is there and we’ve seen it rear its head now and then but mostly, the public awareness of it is suppressed. The abuse of the public, which amounts to a private police force for the rich, designed to pound the population into servitude, is there. It may have been worked differently but, all in all, the key working element is the vast distance between the fortunes of the rich and the poor; many of whom used to belong to an increasingly diminishing demographic, the middle class. When the middle class is pushed into a corner, you have revolution. You don’t get a real revolution without the assent of the middle class. It seems to be so clear, but it’s not reported on, that the middle class is being pushed into this situation. You may argue with my premise that there is no revolution without the involvement of the middle class but you would be wrong (grin).

The thing is, few of us can visualize what is possible to happen and how swiftly it can occur. It only takes that critical event that sets the whole thing off. When people are put in a position where they are faced with a condition where their survival is in question, they lose their fear.

The arrogance of the French aristocracy was something else and so is that which is reflected in the mind set of The Master’s of the Universe. Mitt Romney announced that he was also unemployed. They can’t help themselves. They can’t control what is coming out of their mouths and they can’t control the compulsion to do weird and inexplicable things. The script girl has a magic wand of cosmic will, which she is wielding offstage.

I am sure that many of you note how slowly things seem to be progressing. It is agonizing, this slow march down to the inevitable moment. Some may think that this is how it will continue but I suspect it will reach a point where it spontaneously accelerates around the world. I think there are stages to this and at least two more that are on the way. The one approaching next is very close. This is just my sense of it. I see seriously explosive potential with the flotilla. Israel only behaves one way. They have a motto, “when it doesn’t work, use force, when that doesn’t work, use more force”. Like the French aristocrats they cannot conceive of any real opposition to anything they do because they can wag the bitch and there are a few of those.

They have introduced themselves into every area of critical control and they have financed their takeover of so many things by simply printing the money, which they managed to arrange. Of course they don’t want the Federal Reserve audited. It is their personal piggy bank.

The one thing you notice, which makes upheaval and revolutionary transformation inevitable is… none of the protagonists engaged in the systematic abuse of the public show any inclination to change their minds and behavior. They just motor right along. It’s like they are on rails. The cosmos doesn’t let the possible consequences of their actions occur to them. They are in a dream like state, where the personal will is preeminent; they got that In Hoc Signo Vinces thing going, along with a dose of Droit De Seigneur. They are like actors performing scenes from a gallows yard, with the gibbet in the backdrop and they are making pretentious speeches, which are transparent lies. They are convicted out of their own mouths, without the need for a judge and jury.

One of the things I do not understand is the exceedingly low level of performance and professionalism engaged in by the propaganda machine. They keep trotting out Adam Gadahn and Zawahiri. They paraded Bin Laden around for ten years. All of it was so unconvincing and badly done that it was amusing, albeit tragic as well. You would think, with unlimited resources, they could employ the most creative liars around but they bumble through these games that are at an elementary school level. Still, a lot of the public buys it. Yet, years ago a CNN poll showed that 83% of the population thought something was off about the official explanation for 9/11.

There are a lot of peculiar things going on that don’t make sense, given what I’ve seen otherwise. I can see where a particular permutation of cosmic force is working through these clowns and who also doubles as the district attorney down the road. I can see the workings of the main power, as it initiates events that follow an invisible script but sometimes I can’t make sense of some of the cognitive disconnects going on. It could be only the lack of substance in what we’ve been told. We assume we are above all the propaganda activities of these clowns but to some degree it affects all of us. It’s like having a kind of blanket resting on and pressing down upon one’s head and shoulders. It is wearying but we do soldier on.

There might not be a radio show this weekend because I’m transferring to a new computer and everything I need is on the old computer which is in the shop. Sometimes these things happen. Stay frosty people and keep your eyes open because I suspect something world changing is right around the corner.

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