Al Zawahiri Takes Over as Al Qaeda Chief

News Commentary – June 16, 2011

Once again the latest news from the “War on Terror” is being aimed at the stupid and ill-informed. It has to be. Anyone with even a limited ability to think for themselves should have seen through the lies that constitute the “War on Terror” long ago.

From the fact that in Arabic al-Qaeda literally means “the toilet”, to the fact that Osama bin Laden was once employed by the CIA , the charade known as the “War on Terror” is beginning to look increasingly less convincing. Or at least it should for anyone who isn’t entirely braindead.

The latest episode in this farce has al-Qaeda number two al-Zawahiri assuming command of the “terror” organisation.

Like bin Laden, Zawahiri, a qualified surgeon, has been in hiding ever since the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.

According to Noman Bentoman, a reformed Libyan terrorist, employed by the Quilliam Foundation to provide commentary for the corporate media – in effect providing them with insights from an alleged former insider – there may have been disputes within al-Qaeda over al-Zawahrir’s promotion.

However, now that his promotion is confirmed al-Zawahiri’s first job will be to restore al-Qaeda’s reputation, says Bentoman.

“Zawahiri’s first step as leader will be to try to decontaminate the group’s reputation in the Muslim world”, he says.

According to Bentoman: “Ever since the Iraq war, al-Qaeda has been mistrusted by many Muslims and even by other hardline Islamist groups for its killing of Muslim civilians. Zawahiri’s first priority will be to restore the al-Qaeda brand.”

Bentoman didn’t elaborate when he spoke to the Telegraph on why a Muslim terror group named “the toilet” in Arabic should have such a tarnished reputation.

Nor did he explain how Zawahiri might “restore the al-Qaeda brand”.

But then the Quilliam Foundation is a government funded think tank, which has virtually no support among ordinary Muslims. Its prime purpose being to lend a semblance of credibility to the “War on Terror”. Particularly among those Muslims who are growing sceptical about what appears increasingly as a travesty.

So perhaps we shouldn’t expect too much from a consultant who talks about “brands” in relation to terror groups, as if they were washing powder, and who is employed by an organisation originally set up by Tony Blair’s New Labour.

They say a picture paints a thousand words so perhaps the last word should come from al-Zawahiri himself in the form of the photo below. That is the dreaded al-Zawahiri standing in front of a curtain emblazoned with a motif dear to all “terrorists”.

Take a closer look: that is the Star of David. As if to say: you suckers, are you so stupid that you cannot see what’s staring you in the face? Here is the new face of al-Qaeda, same as the old one, standing in front a curtain embalzoned with the very symbol to which supposed Muslim extremists are violently opposed.

Is it any wonder that al-Qaeda needs to restore its “brand”?

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