A World of Delusion on a Ball of Confusion

Smoking Mirrors – June 16, 2011

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“I respect him more than anything. We’re still going to be really close.” As Kurtz said, “the horror, the horror”. Is this not a perfect expression of the state of the culture? As I have said a number of times, the cosmos is going to be ‘pushing out’ a number of individuals, who need to be exposed for what they stand for and what they are doing. Let’s try a little explanation; good is stabilizing based on planetary force expressed through human personality. This is how you get conditions and why certain positive and negative types get together for purposes of demonstration, because everything down here is about demonstration. This is a rehearsal zone and a learning center for one’s next state of existence and for understanding the meaning of acts.

The cosmos wants the motivations and conditions of our times expressed in dramas that showcase them, because the cosmos brought The Apocalypse. Both sides of human consciousness; self interest and ‘enlightened’ self interest are presented in acts that reveal what initiates and carries them out. In former times these things could be muddy to ordinary perception. What a person did could be seen in many lights according to surface interpretation and what one is told concerning the meaning of intent. Propaganda is the method by which events are made to seem other than what they are and it wouldn’t be employed if it didn’t work. It works just fine and in our time the means for dissemination are greater than at any time previous.

The twist on all of that, in The Apocalypse, is that a dual perception is coming into being globally. We are seeing what they are saying and also what is being revealed. I know I’ve said all of this before and that is the reason you are not seeing so much of me at the moment because I’ve said my piece. I will try to find dimensions of interest, because you like coming here but please understand that it is increasingly difficult for me to find things to say, in the area of geo-political hurdy gurdy; other areas of interest are much easier. This would have been a Visible Origami but the Origami meant for publication is on my other computer in the shop (grin). We’ll have it in a few days. Please forgive this digression. I needed to say it and… back to whatever this is.

The Apocalypse has different periods of action, demarcated by the degree of intensity. Self Realization comes about in this way and some of us are in a position to achieve this. This is very important to know, for those who find this sort of thing important. It is not uppermost in the minds of those who are predators upon their fellows but… The Apocalypse is acting in the same way on them, with different results. This is why it’s a serious matter to be a good guy, especially at this time.

Most people think along the lines of some kind of unpredictable, random features in the events of this world; regardless of what they may profess. It’s all uncertain, ominous and fickle. I say fickle because people can change on you with no warning, due to any number of factors. One has to observe their reactive mind and not take things personally because often they do not apply to you but merely to the circumstances of the moment and there are reasons for everything, which we don’t often investigate with a more complete awareness. If we did, the meaning of things would reveal themselves over a particular period of time, as the subconscious analyses it and then brings them to the surface. The subconscious is very good at this and however honest one can be with themselves, to that degree an even greater understanding is possible.

The Apocalypse is operating on ‘every’ level. Comprehending this is of significant value to those for whom a fuller understanding is desirable. That’s available now. A lot of things are available now but if we are not actively engaged in seeking them out they may not present themselves. Not everything is advertised or makes an appearance on its own. Some things are hidden, just because they must be looked for or earned. In this time, the treasure chest of human potential is not only open but much closer to the surface. Look deeper into yourself and you may get some interesting surprises.

As I said, people generally think the state of the world exists in a condition of random and unpredictable juxtaposition and interaction of certain large forces on the move. One needs only look at the symmetry of nature and the cosmos in the larger sense to see that there is a system and a balance to everything, though we may not understand it. One needs only look into the human body and see that it is mirrored in the cosmic body and that atoms rotate around what could be called a central sun. Hermes Trismegistus states, “as above so below for the perfection of the miracles of the one thing”. He could have also said, ‘as within, so without’.

Our inside, just like the outside, is veiled by flawed perception on the one hand and ‘appearances’ on the other. This is because most people do not take as gospel that “the proper study of mankind is man”. This is because the world shouts at us concerning its importance as primary consideration. Primary consideration should be one’s state of awareness, because everything we do and interact with is affected by how we understand ourselves. We’re not under control in a positive way because we are taking our lead from a negative source. We are being ‘driven’. If you look carefully you can actually see people being driven. Ironically, this is demonstrated most convincingly when on the highway.

We are at war within ourselves, in most moments, when we must consider the benefits to others in relation to the benefits for ourselves. Our skewered thinking tells us that we have to look out for number one but actually, looking out for everyone else is looking out for number one. As Lao Tzu said, “a man who realizes that his fate is the same as all men is a capable man for leading them”.

If one were to read the Witter Bynner translation of The Way of Life and imprint it on their consciousness; (I used to read it for long periods of time while on acid trips), one would find that the understandings contained in the book would vibrate through their thoughts and actions. In my own case it took a long time for certain elements of this to become a reality but as I’ve stated any number of times, if you head for Kansas City, you shouldn’t be surprised to find you arrived there. We’re all headed somewhere, according to the demands of our personal will and our desires. This is something everyone should closely look at and there’s never a better time than the present and there’s never a time when it isn’t the present. We project into the future but it doesn’t arrive as a starting point.

In these times of The Apocalypse, one should pay careful attention to the things being revealed. Everyone is not experiencing the same revelations. What you are experiencing is relevant to you personally. These revelations can be seen as steps that lead one to another. Comprehend and add it to yourself and it continues into another revelation. “From wonder into wonder, existence opens”.

The hindrance to seeing certain things, in all of their tremendous import and beauty is that we are not the one who sees these things. You have to become the one who possesses that consciousness. Human destiny has a common result that is personally expressed in respect of the one experiencing it. We are all unique as well as common.

What I mean when I say that certain individuals are being ‘pushed out’ is my trying to say that one cannot resist the imperative of that which is greater and more powerful than one’s self. So you should be very focused on what you are and what is going to be pushed out. There is an aspect of comedy to all of this, some of it is tragic in tandem. Those who are doing the bad things have arrived at the ridiculous and that is what you are going to see in ever greater degrees. Just as time is speeding up, so is the force of The Apocalypse intensifying in its expression upon and through us.

A quantum leap for humanity is on the horizon and brimming in every moment. Because it is all under control you must take the reins knowing who stands behind you in the chariot. Something is standing behind every one of us and we need to know what that is so that we can leave fear and uncertainty behind. Well, look at that, I seem to have written a Visible Origami after all. May good fortune shine upon you in your quest to discover who it is that fortune shines upon.

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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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