Tales from Crop Circle Country

It’s no coincidence that so many crop circle formations have occurred in the vicinity of the ancient sites of Avebury and Silbury Hill. Nor is it any accident that this epicentre of crop circle activity also happens to be at the conflux of many ley lines. According to dowsers the area is a central hub of a great web of ley lines; the avenues of power along which the planets own subtle energy is said to flow, like the blood in our veins.

However some other, rather dubious, figures have also taken an interest in the area. And they now seem intent on suppressing the real truth about the phenomenon, or at least confusing the issue and misleading genuine researchers.

A couple of stories help illustrate this. In the small country town where the Seeker is produced there lives a women who can dowse. She doesn’t use her undoubted abilities to look for gold or buried treasure but ley lines, the pathways for the Earth’s own energies. Last summer, she tells us, she was meditating in the fields near Silbury Hill when her meditation was suddenly and rudely interrupted. A hard and forceful rap on her shoulder brought out of her reflection and she looked up to see a man wielding a cane and dressed in a smart Saville Row style suit.

“Do you really think that you should be doing that here,” he asked in a haughty upper class English accent. With that, she says, and for no apparent reason, a cold fear gripped her; she grabbed her things and ran across the fields past Silbury Hill to get away from this strange, ominous figure.

Quiet honestly we don’t know what her tale signifies but one thing is apparent: there are some extremely sinister figures in the upper echelons of English society, or at least working on their behalf. Another story helps illustrate this further.

We are informed that an unnamed researcher had filmed balls of light emerging from crop circles. He was about to present video of this at a crop circle convention when he was approached by an individual in the men’s toilets. Although this figure is supposed to create crop circles he is also rumoured to work for MI5 & MI6: two organisations that swear allegiance, not to the British people or democracy, but to the Royal House of Windsor. It should also be mentioned that this character is just the sort of low life scum that the intelligence services use occasionally to do their dirty work.

Which is exactly what happened. The crop circle researcher was beaten up, his video was taken and he was warned not to talk about what had happened or what he’d seen and filmed.

Strange as it may seem though there is an explanation for all this. Quite simply, for thousands of years the ruling elite kept, for themselves, hidden arcane knowledge. Crop circles are now challenging that secrecy because if nothing else they have the power to make people ask questions and think for themselves. And that is something the ruling elite do not want. Which is why British Intelligence are so keen to muddy the waters and confuse things still further.