The Voice of the White House January 28, 2005

“I have never in all my years in politics, most of which were spent in and around Washington, seen so much stunning stupidity and rank arrogance as I now see in the White House. Bush, who has insulated himself from the public with high walls and iron discipline and listens only to sycophants and toadies, honestly believes that he has a mandate…not from the American people which he does not, but from Almighty God himself! I have actually heard him say this and in my professional opinion, he is becoming very, very dangerous. Bush believes that whatever he does, he does in the name of and with the permission of God and that to question, thwart or criticize him is blasphemy. I realize this sounds like some kind of a rant but if you worked here on a daily basis and saw for yourself the sorry state that American leadership has fallen into, you would feel like outraged rants as well. Bush wants to invade Iran and Syria. Bush wants to have the Iraqi elections over on Sunday and has ordered that whatever the sorry and predictable outcome there, it be declared a “great victory for American-style liberty.” That bloody civil war is actually now raging there is of no interest to him. Once he personally declares victory, which is coming, then the troops are to be pulled out in spite of strong warnings from senior military officers in the field that utter and bloody chaos will reign. These troops will be “refreshed” and prepared for future wars.

Mark my words, George and the Likudists are iron bound to attack Israel’s enemies in that area with dreadful consequences, both short and long term. No one dares to voice any objections and as I have said before, the hothouse atmosphere around the Monkey Palace is sickening in its sycophancy combined with fanaticism. Rove wants to obliterate the Democrats, down to the last one, and replace them with a weird fascistic one party system and the others are sniffing about like curious and hungry weasels trying to find a way to build up their pathetic little empires in the shadow of the Second Son of God (as the saner, and more concerned, of us here call him.) with no regards for the obvious day of wrath that is clearly coming. We have become the Nazis of the Twenty First century but our repulsive, weak and suckass press is terrified to comment on it. In Germany, for example, irate and anti-Bush citizens (which, according to my figures here are about 75% of the population there) are going around their parks, sticking small American flags in piles of dog shit! And I could cite more disgusting examples of rampant anti-American feelings all over the world but children might read some of this and so I will refrain. As I have said before, it is not God Bless America now but God Save America.

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